Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market Shopping Guide For Beauty Lovers

Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market Shopping Guide 2017

Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market Shopping Guide 2017

The Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market is this Saturday and this one might be my favourite.  You already know I am supporting The Shoebox Project instead of giving gifts this year.  Craftadian have chosen to support them too.  You can save $2 off your entrance to the market with the donation of an item for their shoeboxes.

One of the reasons I really like Craftadian shows is that they have something for everyone.  I hate paying to go to local markets to find that it is all mommy/baby stuff.  Or even worse, all MLM stuff like leggings, Scentsy, Avon etc.  Not that I don’t like that stuff, but I am paying for shopping local, meeting the makers etc.  Craftadian allow sponsor businesses, but their tables are all handmade and a nice variety.  Which brings me to my shopping guide.

Holly Berry Body at the Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market

Holly Berry Body Manicure Bombs on Black Slate

It will come as no surprise to you that Holly Berry Body is top of my list.  It is a little stalkerish at this point.  I mean, I thought about going to the Bump, Baby & Toddler show for since she was there.  Must haves are her amazing milk chocolate lotion, manicure bombs and her mineral eye-shadows.  The shadows need a base to really show, but are amazing and some great colours.  She tried out pedicure bombs at a recent show too, so I am hoping she has some of those, because I will need one after a hard day shopping!  See reviews of Holly’s Mani Bombs ~ Skincare ~ Makeup

Small Batch Soaps at the Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market

Small Batch Soaps - Canadian Indie Review - Soaps and Lip Balm

The maker of my favourite unicorn soaps!  Small Batch Soaps has come a long way since I first tried their bar soaps.  She makes the most gorgeous shaped soaps that would make great stocking stuffers.  There is a cupcake soap with an actual rainbow over it and a black unicorn soap you need to see!  On top of that, she has some new scents for the holidays I want to grab. (see my review of their soaps)

Clean Kiss Organics at the Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market

Clean Kiss Organics Skincare Review - Canadian Indie Organic Skincare

I only recently tried Clean Kiss Organics, but they have one of the best natural deodorants I have tried.  Plus, their skincare looks so pretty with the black and silver packaging.  On my list to try next is their bath soak, a different scent in the deodorant, and a hair mask!  Look how pretty it is, a long way from the white labels you expect to find on handmade beauty at a holiday market. (see my review here)

Ellingwood Soap Co at the Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market

Ellingwood Soap Company Hamilton Review Canada

Michael and Anna, the makers behind Ellingwood Soap Company started making their own products for their daughter who suffered from bad excema, it was so good, everyone wanted it.  They make an amazing sugar scrub mixed with their moisturizer so it actually lasts before slipping away when used in the shower.  Completely natural and starting from soap recipes handed down from his grandmother, one you need to check out. (see my review here)

3 Teas at the Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 - 3 Teas Strawberry Green Tea

OK, it is not strictly beauty.  But you know I can’t turn down tea.  3 Teas is local and their teas are all plain teas.  No stevia, no artificial stuff.  Given my disappointment with so many teas lately, it will be nice to pick up some plain teas with natural flavours.  I am planning on picking up some Hotti Biscotti to go with it even though there is one not far from me and I can buy it any time.

Boosh at the Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market

Boosh Handmade Lipstick Craftadian

Boosh is a new to me maker but one I can’t wait to see in person.  They make natural organic lipsticks.  Get bold shades of mineral makeup without using food dyes, petroleum-based oils, and artificial fragrances!

Sarah’s Soaps and Candles at the Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market

Sarahs Soaps and Candles Craftadian

It seems like more candles than soaps, but Sarah’s Soaps and Candles is also on my list to check out.   She has some great autumn scents on their website but I am hoping she has some Christmas scents at the Craftadian market.

About the Craftadian Hamilton Christmas Market

This Saturday, December 2nd, starting at 10am.  They have giveaways for the first 50 families in line plus another giveaway at 2pm.  It is held at McMaster Innovation Park on Longwood, with plenty of parking and a bus stop right outside.  Admission is $5 and you can save $2 by donating an item to the Shoebox Project.  Get the full details here.

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