Clean Kiss Organics Skincare Review

Clean Kiss Organics Skincare Review - Canadian Indie Organic Skincare

Clean Kiss Organics Skincare Review - Canadian Indie Organic Skincare

Introducing Clean Kiss Organics, a local indie skincare company.  I have tried quite a few Canadian skincare companies, but have found that many are great at bath bombs and soaps, but when it comes to the other stuff, buy a base and just add scents.  Or, they have great ingredients but they just miss the mark when compared to mainstream effectiveness.  So I was intrigued when I was introduced to Clean Kiss Organics.  Rather than the usual lineup of soaps most indies offer, they focus on actual skincare products.  Not that I don’t love all of my pretty looking soaps, but there is only so much soap a girl can use.  Or threaten people not to use because it is just there to look pretty!

Clean Kiss Organics Review - Canadian Indie

Clean Kiss Organics is a Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free line that is also made in small artisan batches.  Everything Jodie makes is organic (obviously), gluten free and made with sustainable packaging.  Which brings me to their packaging.  The black and silver labels on their premium skincare line look so high end compared to many big brands.  They look so sleek and pretty.  They even won an Earth Day Beauty Award for their deodorant!  I am sure you know how terrible some natural deodorants can be, so it shows you how much work goes into her products.

I tried four Clean Kiss Organics products and have a fair amount to say, so will review them separately.

Clean Kiss Organics Kiss Me Clean Facial Cleansing Oil

Clean Kiss Organics Review - Kiss Me Clean Facial Cleansing Oil

I am careful about cleansing oils.  I know the importance of putting some oils and moisture back in but my skin likes to freak out when I use them.  So I have been using Clean Kiss Organics Kiss Me Clean Facial Cleansing Oil for about a month to see if it works for my skin.   The first time I used it, I double cleansed.  It says not to, but my skin felt greasy still.  Only after using the acne wash I was using at the time, my skin still felt weird.  Turns out, I didn’t realize just how dry my skin was and it felt amazing after just one use.  It wasn’t greasy as much as just moisturized – from my cleanser!

Clean Kiss Organics Kiss Me Clean Facial Cleansing Oil is made with chia seed oil which is rich with EFA’s to fight irritation, dehydration, blemishes.  Plus, chia seed oil is also an anti-inflammatory.  It also includes some Grapeseed oil to nourish the skin.  Jojoba oil replaces the natural sebum and castor oil helps repair scar tissues and blemishes.  Plus lemon, tea tree, orange and bergamot essential oils leave it smelling great and brightens your skin.

I love this.  It removes makeup, cleanses your skin and doesn’t leave you feeling dry while not causing breakouts!  At $20 for a 118ml pump bottle it is in line with higher end stuff in the drug store, but with organic, cruelty free ingredients.

Clean Kiss Organics Keep Calm & Kiss Me Facial Tonic

Clean Kiss Organics Review - Keep Calm and Kiss Me Rose Chamomile Facial Tonic

Don’t let the rose in the title fool you, this isn’t a super flowery scented toner.  Clean Kiss Organics Rose and Chamomile Facial Tonic comes in a 60ml glass spray bottle.  It is primarily chamomile and rose floral waters with vegetable glycerin and rose geranium essential oil.   It has a pretty strong scent.  Not one I particularly love but the stuff works so deal with it.  Maybe I have just gotten too used to the mainstream ones that work for my skin but also include a pile of bad stuff to make them smell delicious!

Simply spritz on a little after cleansing to prime the skin for moisturizer.  It cools down the skin and helps with any redness from removing the cleansing oil, which I do with a polishing cloth.  At $18, the Clean Kiss Organics Rose and Chamomile Facial Tonic is suitable for all skin types too.

Clean Kiss Organics Pucker Up Natural Deodorant

Clean Kiss Organics Review - Pucker Up Natural Deodorant

Since they won an award for their Kiss That Hottie Lemongrass & Bergamot deodorant this year,  I tried Clean Kiss Organics Pucker Up Citrus & Patchouli natural cream deodorant to see how it compared.  You will know from past reviews that I am not the biggest fan of green deodorants.  I would love to not put all of those chemicals on my skin, but I also like to not have sweaty pits and to smell nice.  Pucker up is heavier on the lemon than patchouli and the scent lasts for ages.

Unlike most natural deodorants, this did not make me sweat more throughout the day.  Not surprising since they tested their natural deodorants in a hot yoga class!  The formula is decent, creamy and easy to grab the right amount out of the tub.  It does have a slightly gritty feeling to it from the powder/clay ingredients.  Not so much that it leaves a gritty film, you just feel it on your fingers when applying.  I applied this in the morning and could still smell it faintly when going to bed.  Amazing for a natural deodorant.  Most only mask a little of the sweat smell but you can smell the sweat under it, but Clean Kiss Organics Pucker Up actually works!

Clean Kiss Organics Natural Deodorants are $12 and come in seven varieties.  Choose from the two I mentioned or Cedarwood & Sandalwood, Lavender Rosemary Peppermint or Orange Vanilla.  They also have it in unscented or Sweetie Tart Kisses which is baking soda free and Grapefruit Rosemary scented.  If you are very sensitive to deodorants, go for the Sweetie Tart Kisses!

Clean Kiss Organics Lavender Body Spray

Clean Kiss Organics Review - Lavender Body Spray

The only scent they have for body sprays.  Clean Kiss Organics Sensual Lavender Kisses is not that in your face old lady lavender scent.  It is mixed with vanilla and rose for a sweet creamy french lavender scent.  I have been using this at night in the hopes that the lavender helps me sleep.  Even better, this body spray is moisturizing!  On my list to check out next from Clean Kiss Organics are their alcohol free hand sanitizer, Coconut Kiss hair mask, and Fruity Kisses face mask.

If you are looking for a holiday gift for that hard to please green/cruelty free beauty lover, Clean Kiss Organics should definitely be on your list to check out.  They even have gift sets with a variety of products starting at $40.  They ship from Oakville, Ontario and offer free shipping when you spend $75.  Even better, you can pick them up shipping free in several stores in Ontario, see the list here.

If you are in the GTA, Clean Kiss Organics will be at the Craftadian Holiday Market in Hamilton on December 2nd.  Come shop, pick up some handmade goodies from local makers.  There will be 80 makers!  Plus, I will be there too.  So come say hello and stop me from buying all the things!

Clean Kiss Organics Review - Canadian Indie Organic Brand

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