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HollyBerry Natural Skin and Body Care - Products

HollyBerry Natural Skin and Body Care - Products Tested

I love finding local makers for my beauty supplies.  You can find some really unique handmade/indie products plus what you save on shipping buying locally, you can spend on actual stuff!  The upcoming Craftadian show at McMaster Innovation Park on Saturday 27th August featured a couple of beauty makers that I was keen to check out.  The sugar scrubs and Milk Chocolate body lotion from HollyBerry easily caught my attention while browsing the Craftadian: Made in Hamilton Lookbook.

HollyBerry Natural Skin and Body Care - Milk Chocolate Body Moisturizing Lotions

This stuff seriously smells like you are just putting chocolate on yourself.  As a chocoholic, this is something I definitely approve of, but it also comes in other scents such as Clementine (which I will be picking up at the show because I love a dose of orange in the morning when I don’t want to wake up) and Lilybean.

Holly has spent years making her own lip balms, lotions, and herbal salves and decided to share her products with the rest of us.  HollyBerry uses essential oils and natural ingredients to make products that not only make us feel great but are actually good for our skin and not full of chemicals.

HollyBerry Natural Skin and Body Care - Lipbalms

Holly switches her scents and products up by season.  While there is a core collection of favourites available all of the time, much of her inspiration comes from the seasons.  In summer, you will find more exfoliating sugar scrubs and foot rubs since we are showing more skin and want it to look great. In fall, she switches it up to comforting scents and lush products to make you feel warmer and help battle the drying air.  Plus she will have a Pumpkin Spice lip balm because it just is not fall with some pumpkin spiced everything.

HollyBerry Natural Skin and Body Care - Regenerate Review

Holly Berry has quite a wide selection of products.  Unsure what to try, I asked Holly what product she can’t live without and without skipping a beat, she recommended Regenerate, her daily use anti-aging serum and moisturizing oil.  It contains Sea Buckthorn Oil, Golden Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil, Meadwfoam Sead Oil and a blend of specialized plant oils plus frankincense oil, which is highly underrated for its ability to protect and help tighten up the skin’s appearance.  For dry skin or a big dose of moisture, use it as a serum.  If worried about oily skin, you can mix with cold cream to cool and soothe the skin while adding long lasting moisture.

HollyBerry Natural Skin and Body Care - Sugar Scrubs Cinnamon Rolls

I loved everything I was lucky enough to try before the show but you  know I can’t resist a good exfoliating scrub.  HollyBerry makes these sugar scrubs that are a mix of Shea soap, moisturizers and a sugar scrub that smell amazing.  I tried the new Cinnamon Roll scent they also come in Birthday Cake, Peppermint Twist, and other seasonal scents.  Just take one into the bath or shower, rub in small circles all over your body, then store any leftovers with your bar soap.  Made with natural shea soap and butters, these scrubs hold together so each and every granule of coarse organic cane sugar can buff away old skin cells and reveal fresh softness. I used a whole one for an all over scrub and it left my skin feeling great.

HollyBerry Natural Skin and Body Care - Products

If you are attending Hamilton’s Craftadian show, Holly is helping offset the cost of the $3 Craftadian: Made In Hamilton admission price with a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more on HollyBerry products at the show.  Grab the coupon on her facebook page here and show it at the table to get your discount.  Be sure to like her to find out when and where she will be next.

If you can’t make it to Craftadian, HollyBerry has an online store and you can save 10% with coupon code TEAPOLISH10 for a limited time.

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