PC Green Twice As Absorbent Clumping Cat Litter Review

PC® GREEN™ Twice as Absorbent Clumping Cat Litter

I love my cats, but I hate (like hate, hate, HATE) cleaning their litter boxes.  The ammonia mixed with clay smell of regular cat litter is just disgusting and they kick it everywhere.  Try walking barefoot to the bathroom over those little stones in the middle of the night!

We started to buy World’s Best Cat Litter, healthier for us, healthier for them and a renewable source that doesn’t hurt when you step on it.  When it first came out, it was hard to find and meant a trip to a specialty pet store.  No big deal, the local shelter always has cats there for me to swoon over while shopping, but it was also fairly expensive.  It is now sold everywhere and is a little cheaper, but still about $18 for a 6.8kg bag which I have to lug home.

For a while, it disappeared off the shelves and we went in search of something similar.  We knew the cats did not like the newspaper or wheat litters as we had tried them before, so wanted something similar to World’s Best.  We found it at Fortinos (it is a Loblaws store in Hamilton, where we are not lucky enough to have actual Loblaws stores or a Real Canadian SuperCentre.  Hey, maybe RCSS could open in one of the Target stores that are closing!

PC Green Twice as Absorbent Clumping Cat Litter comes in easy to carry 3.2kg bags and are usually on sale for about $5.50 (although the regular price is $7.99 which sends me to Target to get World’s Best).  Instead of clay, PC Green cat litter uses pesticide free corncobs – none of the dust – none of the health problems associated with the dust cloud from clay litters!  Even better, they have not tried to mask the smell of cat urine with lavender or anything else that just should not be in cat litter, it just smells a little like being near a farm – but not as “farmy” as World’s Best’s regular cat litter.

PC Green Cat Litter Pile Right

While I wouldn’t say that the litter is soft, walking on it doesn’t hurt, so I no longer hear expletives from him in the middle of the night as he walks across litter they have kicked out of the box.  Since it is lighter than clay, like most alternative litters, it does track a little more but easily cleaned up (plus Izzy is fussy and usually paws it into a pile for me anyway).

While those who are used to paying for clay will cringe at paying this much for cat litter, the good thing is that is lasts much longer than clay based litters.

PC Green Cat Litter - Bag InstructionsYou simply scoop daily and top up the litter box every few days to replace the litter you have used.   Even with multiple cats, a bag lasts each box 10 days.  Since we are in an apartment, I like to empty and clean them more often than if they were out of the way so you could use it for longer if you have less cats and/or have your boxes tucked in the corner of the basement or somewhere not near your nose.  We use large boxes (think Sterilite totes) rather than actual litter boxes since one of our cats has an issue with missing the box and a bag fills the box, so if you use regular small boxes, it would probably be enough for two or regular top ups.

While I won’t subject you to a picture of a ball of pee in cat litter, this stuff really is absorbent and clumps well.  With some of the “alternative” litters we have used, we ended up with a big sticky mess (especially with wheat based litters) and ended up throwing out the litter early – and in one case even the litter box with it.  The clumps do not easily break apart when scooped either, so you are left with fresh litter and not little balls of used litter that smell but the scoop can’t pick up.

Having to lug it up the stairs, I love the smaller bags without the bigger price point and that I can grab it while I buy my groceries and not make a special trip.  Although PC Plus needs to send me offers for it instead of the clay litter I am avoiding buying!

Buy PC Green Twice As Absorbent Clumping Cat Litter

Available at most Loblaws banner stores (No Frills, RCSS, SuperStore, Maxi etc) at $5-8 per 3.2kg bag

Get more details and read customer reviews here

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7 Replies to “PC Green Twice As Absorbent Clumping Cat Litter Review”

  1. Denise Hulsbosch says: Reply

    Love this litter. Great in a small space and covers odour perfectly.

    I buy from Superstore. That’s the only place I have seen it.

    They tend to run out alot, sometimes for several days.

    Guess I should pick up more than 3 bags at a time.

    1. Fortinos sells it. Would love to find bigger bags of this.

  2. Joe and Muriel says: Reply

    This is a fantastic product. We just love it. It is light and has a very nice scent to it. We highly recommend this product to anyone who has cats. My cat loves this cat litter.
    I hope they never stop making this product.
    Thank ?You for making the best cat litter in the world.

  3. Barbara Koynok says: Reply

    Hi: I am a senior 75+ and have 2 cats, at the moment I am using Wheat and it is getting very expensive,
    have been looking to find a natural litter for my cats, because when they come out of the box they seem
    to lick their paws and I do not think that a clay litter with chemicals is good for them or for us in that matter,
    I am on a fixed pension, and would love to try your Green Vert Clumping litter but at this time it is not
    on SALE at our Independant Store,
    Thank you in advance,

  4. Love this PC green litter but need larger bags of it. Anyone know if that’s possible to order or buy locally in large amounts? I am in Stoney Creek and East Hamilton area .

  5. Denise Hulsbosch says: Reply

    I have been searching for PC “Green” cat litter. The a superstores in my area have been out for a few weeks now.

    Please let me know if I can buy again.

    I asked them, but they don’t know.

  6. Denise Hulsbosch says: Reply

    So glad it’s back here in Richmond, B.C. at the Superstore. Could use a 15.00 sized bag.

    My cat does zoomies after using the litter box. Has to be the litter.

    Thanks for coming back.????????????

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