Canadian Indie Nail Polish Brands - Canadian Nail Art Supplies - Nail Polish Canada

Canadian Indie Nail Polish, Nail Art & Nail Care Makers

Canadian Indie Nail Polish Brands - Canadian Nail Art Supplies - Nail Polish Canada

For those fellow Canadians, you likely know the feeling of dread when buying from abroad.  They may use a courier and you get hit with a ridiculous fee for taking it across the border.  The US dollar is so expensive making everything cost so much for us.  Plus it is always good to keep business in Canada and help local makers.  Here are all of the Canadian Indies I know of making nail polish, nail art supplies or nail and cuticle care.

  • Ann Boyar – Vegan nail polishes and cuticle care (Vancouver)
  • Beyond The Nail – Mostly polish but also nail guides, decals and accessories (Mississauga)
  • Blue Bath Tub – Polish, cuticle salve & latex free nail barrier (Hamilton) – formerly Steel City Reflections
  • BinChic – handmade polish and customs (Camrose AB)
  • Black Lace Cosmetics – 5-free artisan nail polishes (Manitoba)
  • CANVAS – Vegan, 5 Free nail polishes (Toronto)
  • Cuter Cuticles – Cuticle oil, barrier butter and more nail care with free shipping (Oshawa)
  • Earth Princess – Water based nail polish and acetone free remover (Vancouver)
  • Fiendish Fancies – Cruelty free nail polishes based on horror movies and television (Toronto)
  • Girly Bits – Nail polish, nail stamping, nail art tools and more (Kingsville, ON)
  • Heavenly Hell – Mostly beauty but has a few select polishes and nail art supplies (BC)
  • I Wear LTD – 3-Free nail polish made by a BC family (Coquitlam, BC)
  • Joy & Polish Company – 5-Free handmade nail polish and nail vinyls (Waterloo, ON)
  • My Indie Polish – Nail polish, nail vinyls, water decals and more (Toronto)
  • My Nails Did Vinyls – nail vinyls
  • Paint It Pretty Polish – 5-Free handmade vegan & cruelty free polish (Grimsby, ON)
  • The Base Coat – Nail vinyls (Halifax NS)
  • TREO Lacquer – small batch indie nail polish (Atlantic Canada)

Of course, there is always Harlow and Co who stock some international indies and ship from Canada. Along with these companies that while too big to be indie or are not handmade, are worth mentioning because they are smaller Canadian businesses.   Girly Bits is also a stockist and has nail polish and nail art brands from around the world.

  • CL Beads – Mostly jewelry supplies but carries various nail vinyls
  • Exhale Hate – Fake glue on nails with nail art already done! (Toronto)
  • Lady Black Bird Boutique – Sells Echoes polishes now that they have closed for orders
  • MOOV Cosmetics – Made in North America, vegan, cruelty free (Toronto) – also sold on
  • Nail Polish Canada – seller of mainstream brands of polish and nail art tools