12 Days of Alter Ego (Nail Polish & Body/Skincare Advent Calendar)

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - All Products Wrapped

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 Advent Calendar - All Products wrapped and ready to open

I know, I know, wishing away the year and talking holiday stuff before Halloween. But this is a preorder and well, 2020 needs to be over anyway. New to Alter Ego for 2020 is a beauty and nail polish advent calendar. I say beauty, but it is really nail care, skin care and bath stuff. I will warn you before we get into the spoiler part of the post.

The 12 Days of Alter Ego Advent Calendar will be available on October 20th and is $55 including shipping in the US. Some of the items are not in the store yet but it will have a minimum value of $62.75 and you get a beautiful exclusive polish and some goodies to try before they make their way into Indie Pickup or the store later this year or into 2021.

The box is designed to be opened December 13th to 24th and will ship as soon as everything is ready after the preorder ends on November 20th. The items are numbered so we will be all opening the same gifts on the same days.

Delanie of Fat Cat Pawlished will be sharing the 12 Days of Alter Ego on her YouTube channel and fellow Egomaniacs Facebook group mod will be sharing on facebook if you want to know more about the products before buying.

Buy the 12 Days of Alter Ego beauty/nail polish advent calendar here

spoiler warning – unwrapped items and descriptions of the 12 days of alter ego below

warning of spoilers past this point

Ok, you have come this far so here are your spoilers

The 12 Days of Alter Ego products unwrapped and shown individually

As you can see, there are a few unfamiliar products and some Alter Ego staples. You will get a soap, acetone additive, scent shot (new), mystery nail polish, hand sanitize, Hit the Spot duo, Lip Tease (new), Undercover Agent lotion, cuticle oil, Pet & People Potion, a holiday bauble with bath crumble and the exclusive advent polish.

day 1 – holiday soap by alter ego

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 1 Soap

The design of this soap will be one of three in the 12 Days of Alter Ego, Delanie and Leslie have the other two if you want to check them out. They are 1 inch thick bars so perfect size for holding and come in a minty chocolate scent that is just perfect for the holidays. They are Cynthia’s signature formula and if you love them, you can grab similar ones here.

day 2 – acetone additive in sugar plum fairy

Picture of a bottle of acetone additive in Sugar Plum Fairy holiday scent

I have mentioned Alter Ego acetone additives a few times in the past. They are Jojoba free versions made with thick Vitamin E oil. This little bottle will negate the drying effects of 12-16oz of acetone depending on how much scent you want. Is it even the holidays without the Sugar Plum Fairy? This acetone additive is scented with sweet plum smothered with vanilla and sugared musk. Acetone Additive is always available in the store and is priced at $5 per bottle. There are many scents to choose from too.

day 3 – scent shot in busy busy *NEW*

Picture of Alter Ego Scent Shot (Indie Perfume) in Busy Busy Fragrance

The holidays can drive many of us to wanting a drink but carry around this miniature with a calming fragrance instead. To apply, I put my finger over the top of the bottle and tip it then swipe on pulse points. As a reminder of the orange that would traditionally be in a stocking, the Alter Ego Scent Shot in Busy, Busy has refreshing neroli, the sweet scent of orange blossom and is toned down with white musk.

Scent Shots will be making it into the Alter Ego store and will be available in a range of fragrances, but not until at least December.

day 4 – Mystery polish

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 4 Mystery Polish

Mixing things up a little for day four of the 12 Days of Alter Ego is a mystery polish. You might get the same as someone else, you might get an exclusive. You just have to wait and see!

day 5 – gel hand sanitizer in sweater weather

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 5 Hand Sanitizer in Sweater Weather Scent

With the second wave here and flu season about to begin, I go nowhere without some hand sanitizer for when hand washing isn’t possible. This gel formula is just the right thickness and scented in Sweater Weather. A refreshing blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage that celebrates the arrival of crisp cooler weather. Need more hand sanitizer? Available in many scents here for $3.75 or go for a spray formula here.

day 6 – hit the spot duo in unscented & holiday indulgence

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 6 Hit the Spot Duo in Holiday Indulgence and Unscented

While Hit The Spot is regularly available in the Alter Ego store in the unscented version, scented ones have been exclusive to Indie Pickup in the past. You will receive both an unscented one and one scented in Holiday Indulgence, a rich caramel and chocolate fragrance to remind you of all the delicious holiday treats.

Hit the Spot can be used as a matte swatching stick, lip balm, around your nose where it gets dry from blowing it, anywhere really. Try it as a cuticle barrier to lock in your cuticle oil! They are made with cocoa butter (along with other ingredients) so there is some natural scent to the unscented version, but it is best to use that as the lip balm or on any open cuts.

day 7 – lip tease *NEW*

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 7 Lip Tease (new lip balm colour)

Another new product that you can be the first customers to try! Alter Ego Lip Tease is a lip colour brush pen. I do recommend warming this up a little before twisting slowly for the first application. Mine was a little cold from shipping and I broke the pen.

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 7 Lip Tease Swatch Sheer

Swipe a light layer on for a barely there but not quite as pale look or build it up for some colour (shown below in three swipes)

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 7 Lip Tease Swatch

It has just a slight shimmer to it that is only noticeable close up. This is something that Cynthia has been trying on friends and it will be added to the store at some point, but December at the very earliest. It is made with locally grown and harvested beeswax, unrefined shea butter, unrefined kokum butter, and castor oil.

day 8 – undercover agent lotion

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 8 Undercover Agent Lotion

This disappears in the warmer months as the extra moisturizing formula doesn’t ship well but Undercover Agent (and the menthol/mint version In Mint Condition) are coming back in December! Winter is harsh on your skin and even more so this year with all the sanitizing so slather on this super moisturizing unscented lotion after a hard day shopping in the cold.

Ingredients are babassu oil, unrefined shea butter, grapeseed oil, palmarosa oil and just a little stearalkronium hectorite, a cosmetic clay and it definitely has some natural scent to it from the palmarosa oil even though it is not a scented product.

day 9 – cuticle oil in christmas eve by the fire

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 9 Cuticle Oil in Christmas Eve by the Fire

I will admit, at this point I have all of the scented items on my body so I smell, ummm interesting. Day 9 is Cynthia’s signature cuticle oil in Christmas Eve by the Fire. This scent has a woody tobacco blend with fir needle and eucalyptus over a mossy base note. It is less smokey and a touch sweeter than I imagined from the description.

Cuticle oil is always available from the store in a wide variety of scents. Christmas Eve by the Fire is available as “Fireplace Embers” year round.

day 10 – pet & people potion

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 10 Pet & People Lotion

An unscented moisturing heart shaped lotion bar that is gentle enough for even your furbaby but helps with the harshest of winter weather, Alter Ego Pet & People Lotion is a staple in the store. I have previously tried this on my cats and while they looked at me like I was crazy (they are indoor so no cold cracked paw pads) they didn’t even seem bothered enough to try and lick it off.

Alter Ego Pet and People Potion is made with beeswax (locally grown and harvested), soybean oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and unrefined shea butter. Like some of the other unscented products, it does have some scent from the natural ingredients, but no fragrance has been added. This is safe to use anywhere on you or your pet.

day 11 – bath crumble bauble

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 11 Bath Crumble Ornament

This is Alter Ego’s signature foaming bath crumb formula but in an ornament ball so you can hang it as a gift or even reuse. The bath crumbs are scented in Stress Relief (a mellow blend of eucalyptus, lavender and ozone), because you will probably need to chill over the holidays and this blend of relaxing scents is just perfect for unwinding after dealing with the inlaws, party season or more.

You can pick these up in the Alter Ego store for $7.50. A great deal as they include 3oz of bath crumble in an ornament for the same price as the 2oz jar.

day 12 – Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe (advent exclusive polish)

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - Day 12 Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe Advent Exclusive Polish

Who doesn’t need a Christmas tree coloured polish for the holidays? Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe is a dark olive green chrome polish. It is quite opaque and two coats gives full opacity.

Alter Ego Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe Swatch Sneak Peek 12 Days of Alter Ego 2020


Preorder starts on Tuesday 20th October. Available while supplies last (cap of 30 advent boxes) until November 20th. Afterpay is available but the 12 Days of Alter Ego is not eligible for coupon codes. Shipping is free and you should receive your package by December 12th at the latest. Any items ordered at the same time will be held until your package ships. Buy it here.

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