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Stereoplasm Soft Cat Boho Cat Munchie Cat Reviews

Stereoplasm Soft Cat Boho Cat Munchie Cat Reviews

The Stereoplasm Cats collection included eight scents and I picked up four of them. The original release included Ballroom Cat, Boho Cat, Crunchy Cat, Munchie Cat, Orchard Cat, Snoozy Cat, Soft Cat, and Stretchy Cat. I will review Snoozy Cat separately as I use it more as a sleep scent than daytime perfume.

stereoplasm soft cat

Stereoplasm Soft Cat Indie Perfume Review

Sunday morning biscuits, sticky marshmallow fluff, warm vanilla toe beans and soft mews under sun-piled cashmere

Soft Cat from Stereoplasm is one that is quite different in the bottle than on the skin.  The bottle sniff and fresh application is a little cloying with sweet batter and vanilla scents. It only takes about 5 minutes to tone down to give the butter biscuit notes promised.  The first time I wore this my partner woke up and thought I was baking and was very disappointed that it was just perfume so definitely a realistic biscuit note (sweet biscuits though almost more cookie-ish). There is an almost floral note that I can’t place but I think it helps it from going over the top sweet so I no complaints. This is quite sweet but probably the most cat feeling out of the collection. You can almost imagine a furry cat basking in the sun all warm and sweet smelling from the smell of the cookies in the oven clinging to its fur. It is just a happy comforting gourmand with decent throw and lasts 6-8 hours.

stereoplasm boho cat

Stereoplasm Boho Cat Indie Perfume Review

Book-pressed roses, fresh-picked rosemary, dusty charcoal, linseed twine and soft jasmine incense

Honestly, I ordered this confusing it with Ballroom Cat in my head which has notes of hot pink organza, two glasses of French 75, fuschia, stiletto squeezed grapefruit while safely tucked away in designer leather. I have since ordered that since the Stereoplasm store is open and the Cat scents are back.

I tend to amp incense notes but that isn’t the case with the jasmine incense in Stereoplasm Boho Cat. The rose is definitely more pressed rose than garden rose or not the powdery strong rose you often get in fragrance. The rosemary and charcoal stop it from being too much and it is just wafts of gentle incense. They are not notes I would think to put together but they balance really well. It is more herbal than floral overall and lasts 4-6 hours with a light throw. I think it helps that Stereoplasm uses quite a soft/sweeter rosemary so it doesn’t go too herb garden.

stereoplasm munchie cat

Stereoplasm Munchie Cat Indie Perfume Review

Freshly baked pot cookies with baked kettle chips, raspberry pie filling and a tall glass of chocolate milk

I was a little worried that Stereoplasm Munchie Cat would go straight pot on me but it definitely has some sweetness from the cookies and chocolate with a savoury note lingering behind and stopping it from becoming too sweet. You do get some herbal pot smell but not straight stanky weed. The chocolate note isn’t that fake chocolate cloying scent either and just lingers in the background. I wish I got some of the raspberry pie filling scent as it may tamper down some of the sweetness with the tarter raspberry but I just don’t smell it.

While I am not sure how often I would wear Munchie Cat, all three are keepers. Stereoplasm is fast becoming my top indie perfume company. Partly because they are Canadian and I hate paying the $10 fee that comes with Customs fees and I am too lazy to self clear packages. But also, my hit rate on their perfumes is excellent. Out of the twenty or so I have tried so far, there is only one I didn’t like. I just ordered six more and you get freebies with your order so I will have more Stereoplasm reviews soon.

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