Ellingwood Soap Company

Ellingwood Soap Company Hamilton Review Canada

Ellingwood Soap Company Hamilton Review Canada

Growing up my sister had really bad eczema. So bad that when we moved, the new neighbours called child services when my mum was giving her a bath because she screamed just from water. So the Ellingwood Soap Company really resonates with me.

Michael and Anna started making their own skincare to combat their daughter’s eczema when she was just a year old. So they needed something natural, gentle enough for a baby and that would not irritate their little one’s eczema – which means it works for almost everyone.

Michael tried a recipe for soap that he remembered from his grandma, a self taught natural healer from Ukraine and in weeks, their daughter was enjoying bathtime with her new natural and alcohol free soap. They soon followed it with their own lotion for personal use until Anna’s brother recommended they make some to sell and Ellingwood Soap Company took off from there.

I tried three products that they will be selling at the upcoming Craftadian held at McMaster Innovation Park next Saturday.

Lemongrass Relaxation Soap – Ellingwood Soap Company

Ellingwood Soap Company Hamilton - Lemongradd Relaxation Soap Review

Ellingwood Soap Company Lemongrass Soap $6.95

With Izzy being so sick and requiring a lot of vet care and feeding every two hours, life has been stressful over the last week or so. She spits cat food on me (seriously, I have found it on the ceiling, in my hair, down my bra, on the TV – everywhere) so I am showering a lot more than usual and washing my hands all the time. So a relaxing soap that doesn’t dry my skin out is a must.

Ellingwood Soap Company Hamilton - Lemongradd Relaxation Soap Review 2

Ellingwood Soap Company’s Lemongrass Relaxation Soap is made with pure Mediterranean olive oil, virgin coconut oil and essential oils. It was cut so it was easy to handle.  We all know how those big squares love to go flying in the shower. Since it is mostly olive oil, the soaps don’t lather into a foam but are more creamy. They do need a little more water than regular soap to get going but the scent is amazing and once it is wet enough, you get a creamy lather that rinses easily

Other scents that may interest you include Charcoal (great for oily skin), True Castile, Grapefruit and Peppermint.

Rosemary Lemon Balm Sugar Scrub – Ellingwood Soap Company

Ellingwood Soap Company Hamilton - Rosemary Lemon Balm Review

Ellingwood Soap Company Rosemary Lemon Balm Sugar Scrub $14.95 for 12oz

I love sugar scrubs and this one especially. Michael recommended the Rosemary Lemon Balm Sugar Scrub as his favourite product from their line. It smells amazing and after only a few hours of sleep was a much needed wakeup call. They mix the sugar with their moisturizer rather than just the oils giving it a unique texture that keeps the sugar from settling. It manages to be gentle on the skin while still exfoliating and even removes caulking from his hands at the end of a work day!

Lavender Eucalyptus Moisturizer – Ellingwood Soap Company

Ellingwood Soap Company Hamilton - Lavender Eucalyptus Soap Review

Ellingwood Soap Company Lavender Eucalyptus Moisturizer $21.95 for 4oz

The Lavender Eucalyptus moisturizer from Ellingwood Soap Company is made with the same coconut, olive and essential oils that they use in their soaps. It is a little thicker than most of the moisturizers I have tried but the heat of your skin melts it into a usable moisturizer. It also means that a little goes a long way. The lavender is amazing before going to bed while the eucalyptus helps with the sickness I was getting over when Izzy got sick and now I can actually smell teas so expect a pile of tea reviews to come. If you are not a fan of Lavender Eucalyptus, they also carry an unscented lotion.

Ellingwood sells online, through etsy and you can find them at various popups and markets such as the upcoming Hamilton Craftadian show.  Shop Ellingwood here. Want to learn a little more about them?  Connect with them on social media: Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Twitter.

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  1. Wayne Spalding says: Reply

    Hi, my daughter gave me your rosemary lemon balm as a Christmas gift last year. I now am a big fan. It’s nice to see great Canadian products. Let me know the next time you will be in Ottawa displaying your products. I used to own a natural snack bar company. Maybe we can talk.

    1. Hi Wayne, I am not affiliated with Ellingwood, just tried their products. You should reach out directly to them

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