Canadian Indie Perfume Brands

Canadian Indie Perfume Brands - Beginners Guide

Canadian Indie Perfume Brands - Beginners Guide

If you are anything like me, the $10 fee from Customs plus high shipping costs will make you wary of trying brands from the US and spending enough to get to free shipping from them. Luckily, we do have some Canadian brands to try out.

Canadian Indie Perfume Brands - Stereoplasm Logo


Stereoplasm is probably the biggest and well known of the Canadian brands. They have a great catalogue of scents and has monthly animals + two free samples with orders. You get free shipping at $100 or pay $8.50 (tracked expedited shipping) below that. They excel at atmospherics and animal themes. Their sample sizes are 1.8ml – a very generous sample size that will last unless you are the type to slather 1ml at a time.

Canadian Indie Perfume Brands - Pulp Fragrance Logo

Pulp Fragrance

Is a newer perfume house but comes from a long time perfume user and has great reviews. Since they are new, they have a smaller catalogue but all scents are available in small sample sizes making it really affordable to try.

Canadian Indie Perfume Brands - Sarawen Logo


Sarawen is a smaller house but has some great themes and her rose and incense perfumes come highly recommended. They are also on Etsy if you have a gift card burning a hole in your pocket or want that extra security when purchasing.

Canadian Indie Perfume Brands - Lurker and Strange Logo

Lurker and Strange

Currently offers free shipping on all Canadian orders so is a great place to start if you are new and don’t want to spend a lot. They also have a quick TAT and great inspiration for their perfume themes.

Canadian Indie Perfume Brands - Libertine Fragrance Logo

Libertine Fragrance

Is more on the niche perfume end of pricing but makes some amazing scents.

Canadian Indie Perfume Brands - Zoologist Fragrance Logo

Zoologist Perfumes

Again, more on the niche perfume pricing range but animal themed which is always a plus and are really imaginative and not easily duped in other brands. They have a US site, so be sure to shop from the Canadian one.

Some others that you may want to try

A retailer, rather than a brand, Pretty Indulgent is Canadian based, and carries a few brands including Solstice Scents.

If you are branching out to US brands, Ajevie sells decanted samples so you can try multiple houses at once at reasonable shipping costs (and once you are a customer, look into her c/o forwarding where you can send US indies to her and have them sent on to you as a bulk package for a small fee + shipping costs)

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