Quo Holiday Gift Guide (Shoppers Drug Mart Exclusives)

Quo Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - What To Buy From Shoppers Drug Mart

Quo Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - What To Buy From Shoppers Drug Mart

Quo really stepped up their game with their holiday sets this year.  Affordable but great quality, they really do have something for everyone.  They have two beauty advent calendars priced at $40 each (see them here) but here is a look at some of my top picks for the gift sets.

Quo Liquid Lipstick Bar

Quo Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Liquid Lipstick Bar

Apart from the nail polish, which I will always love, the Quo Liquid Lipstick Bar was a surprising favourite for me.  Generous sized liquid lipsticks, you get eight shades from a pale nude to a darker berry and bright red.  The most surprising thing about this set is the price.  At only $20 for the set, you are paying $2.50 per shade.  Comfortable and fairly long lasting, I am addicted to wearing shades 2, 3 and 4 from this kit.

Quo by Orly Breathable Nail Polish Marvelous Minis

Quo Marvelous Minis Quo by Orly Breathable

You know I have to try out the nail polishes!  The Marvelous Minis from Quo by Orly are $16 and come in deeps or nudes.  The Quo Marvelous Minis Nude Collection contains Down To Earth, Barely There, Kiss Me I’m Kind and Fairy Godmother.  While the Quo Marvelous Minis Deep Collection contains Namaste Healthy, Pick-Me-Up, Stronger Than Ever and  Good Karma.  At $4 per mini, not a bad price to try out some fun shades.

Quo Face Sculpting Palette

Quo Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Face Sculpting Palette

Many drug store contour palettes are too dark for my pale skin, but the Quo Face Sculpting Palette has a great mix of shades.  At $22 it is decently priced, not sure if they have one for darker skin tones and I would certainly not use the deepest shade.  But as a starter palette, it has everything you need for contouring.

Quo Brow Essentials

Quo Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Brow Essentials

With holiday party season, you need those perfect brows.  The Quo Brow Essentials kit includes a clear brow gel, a highlighting pencil and a brow pencil with two shades.  At only $10, it is great to keep in your purse for touch ups.

Also on my list to pick up is their crackers.  This year, they include a lip gloss and you get a box of 6.  They are great for on the table with a holiday gathering of your girlfriends, stocking stuffers etc.

Check back soon to see spoilers and swatches of the 12 Days of Colorful Healthy Nails with the Quo by Orly Breathable nail polish advent calendar.


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  1. Ouuuhh that liquid lip set does look awesome!

  2. I’d love to see swatches of the liquid lipsticks – always looking for a good drugstore alternative.

  3. Shoppers always has the most amazing beauty bits, and quo is such a great brand. You should totally do a look using one of the liquid lipsticks, perhaps something for NYE? Would love to see how you use them!

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