Alter Ego Bulbasaur Swatches (Polished Gamers)

Alter Ego Bulbasaur Swatches 2 Polished Gamers Box

Alter Ego Bulbasaur Swatches 2 Polished Gamers Box

It is almost Polished Gamers time again and this month is Pokemon! Cynthia’s box exclusive is Bulbasaur, a cooler toned minty green with a darker green microglitter and silver shimmer. This one is honestly a lot prettier than my photos show, it almost glows and the cooler tone makes it a really wearable green.

Alter Ego Bulbasaur Swatches 3 Polished Gamers Box

I used three thin coats of Alter Ego Bulbasaur (and thanks to Delanie’s swatch the box video, now have a baby voiced “Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur” stuck in my head. It did have a little texture but it was not noticeable once regular top coat was added.

Alter Ego Bulbasaur Swatches Macro Polished Gamers Box

Alter Ego Bulbasaur and the rest of the Polished Gamers Box is available starting October 15th. Similar to Polish Pickup, you can choose the colours you want and don’t have to buy the full box.

Alter Ego Bulbasaur Swatches Polished Gamers Box

Alter Ego Bulbasaur (Polished Gamers October 2020) Overview

  • Coats required:  shown with 3 thin coats
  • Dry time:  Good
  • Wear time: Unknown
  • Issues: None
  • Colour: minty green with a silver shimmer and darker green microglitter
  • Buy It: Polished Gamers available October 15-21

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