HollyBerry Mineral Makeup Review

HollyBerry Mineral Makeup Review and Swatches at Craftadian

You may remember HollyBerry from my previous review of their skincare line.  She makes the most amazing Milk Chocolate body lotion.  They recently expanded to include mineral makeup and I got some face products and eyeshadows to try out!

Holly Berry / HollyBerry Body Makeup - Face Products - Powdr, Blush, Highlighter and Instant Tan Bronzer

Starting with the face products, the range includes four products suitable for light to medium skintones.  I my case, especially so close to winter, this often means they are too dark but these do work for pale skin.

  • Face Powder (Light) – eliminates shine, reduces the appearance of redness and scatters light, giving your skin a glowing, soft-focus appearance
  • Blush (Soft Pink) – wearable and flattering on any skintone, it leaves a soft-glow and brightening finish
  • Highlighter (Enlightened) – Brighten up a muted complexion and give your skin a sheer luminous look
  • Bronzer (Instant Tan) – Give your complexion a boost with a rich, gorgeous tan. It buffs on soft and smooth to give any complexion even, natural-looking warmth

Holly Berry / HollyBerry Body Makeup - Face Products 2

Each comes in a 5g small jar with sifter for easy dispensing.  The face products cost $12 each and are vegan, natural and preservative free.

HollyBerry Face Makeup Swatches – Face Powder, Blush, Highlighter & Bronzer

Holly Berry / HollyBerry Body Makeup - Face Product Swatches

The mattifying powder is barely noticeable on my skin.  I swiped a finger of colour across the top to show the actual shade and is still almost invisible.  It just softens the skin and set my makeup for the day as good as my regular powder.  Considering that I tend to get oily after 3-4 hours, impressive.

The soft pink blush blends to a beautiful matte pink.  The blended swatch is literally a swipe with a fan brush so go easy on it so you don’t get clown cheeks!  The highligher in Enlightened has a slight shimmer but not OMG glitter, just enough to give a shine.  Like many bronzers, Instant Tan is a little too orange for my winter skin but not enough to make me look bruised.  It blends well and would work for most skintones though, especially once summer hits.

The powder and blush are definitely my faves.  The face powder is so soft and blends beautifully while the blush gives me my natural pink back.

HollyBerry Body Eyeshadows

Holly Berry / HollyBerry Body Makeup - Eyeshadow Named Swatches - Ursula Artemis Elle Miranda Lyra

Oh the eyeshadows. The pigmentation in these is amazing.  I tried out four colours I would usually wear as well as Ursula, a gorgeous purple.

  • Artmeis (Shimmer) – a gorgeous green with gold shimmer
  • Elle – A beautiful peachy pink with a bright pink sheen when applied wet
  • Miranda – a gorgeous wearable brown with amazing pigmentation & matte finish
  • Lyra – a pink tinged creamy shade perfect for highlighting, goes on whiter if applied wet
  • Ursula – a light purple that is best applied wet

Holly Berry / HollyBerry Body Makeup - Eyeshadow Named Swatches - Ursula Artemis Elle Miranda Lyra

These intensely pigmented HollyBerry eyeshadows are just $5 each.  The mineral formula is free from any preservatives, animal derived ingredients, or fillers.  They have a gorgeous velvety texture but since they are loose minerals, expect some fallout and do your foundation after your eyes!  They are best applied over primer and have really intense colour payoff when applied wet.

HollyBerry Eyeshadow Swatches – Artemis, Ursula, Miranda, Elle, LyraHolly Berry / HollyBerry Body Makeup - Eyeshadow Named Swatches - Ursula Artemis Elle Miranda Lyra

Swatched over primer with a brush that was not wet, but was wiped on a makeup removing wipe before each swatch to get true colour with no mixing.  Ursula is the only one that is a little patchy when dry but gorgeous when wet.

Holly Berry / HollyBerry Body Makeup - Eyeshadow Named Swatches - Ursula Artemis Elle Miranda Lyra

The shimmer in Elle and Ursula is more noticeable when wet (shown dry then wet for each shade) but I find the gold shows through better with Artemis when the brush is more dry (still damp from a swipe on a cleansing cloth).  Lyra makes an amazing highlighter but depending on colours around it, can appear more pink than cream.

All of my swatches are shown over Essence Colour Intensifying Primer and like most mineral shadows, they do need the primer or don’t apply as smoothly or pigmented.

HollyBerry Artemis Mineral Eyeshadow Swatch

Holly Berry Body Artemis Mineral Eyeshadow Swatch

See that beautiful gold shimmer?

HollyBerry Ursula Mineral Eyeshadow Swatch

Holly Berry Body Ursula Mineral Eyeshadow Swatch

As you can see, a little patchy when dry but amazing if wet, this is a lot of colour for many people though so you may prefer dry

HollyBerry Miranda Mineral Eyeshadow Swatch

Holly Berry Body Miranda Mineral Eyeshadow Swatch

I have pretty much been wearing Miranda with Lyra since I got these, a new fave!

HollyBerry Elle Mineral Eyeshadow Swatch

Holly Berry Body Elle Mineral Eyeshadow Swatch A gorgeous feminine colour and the shimmer makes it more special when wet

HollyBerry Lyra Mineral Eyeshadow Swatch

Holly Berry Body Lyra Mineral Eyeshadow Swatch

Perfect as a base colour or highlighter

Shop online with HollyBerry here.  If you live in Burlington/Hamilton/Brantford she will even drop of your order at your door & you can pay cash or credit.  HollyBerry also does the Makers Market circuit and you can find her at Hamilton Craftadian this Saturday.

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  1. It’s been ages since I’ve dabbled in loose mineral makeup. I really should get back into it.
    The shade in “Elle” is gorgeous!

    1. It really is, in certain lights, the sheen has a gorgeous blue-pink look to it that is just stunning

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