Biotherm Canadian Beauty Advent Calendar for 2017

Biotherm Advent Calendar Canada 2017

Biotherm Advent Calendar Canada 2017

There is a new advent calendar to add to your wishlists for 2017!  As Canadians, we don’t get quite the selection that the UK and USA does but that seems to be changing as more brands offer an advent calendar.  This new Biotherm Advent Calendar is sure to be a hit for Canadian skincare lovers.  Priced at $82, it has already been offered for less with a minimum purchase from Biotherm’s website.  It is supposedly going to be available in select Shoppers Drug Mart stores too, but no confirmed sightings yet.  But you can buy it from BeautyBoutique now!

This Canadian beauty and skincare advent calendar is a new one, so no telling how quickly it will sell out.  It is filled with 24 deluxe Biotherm skincare samples from their topselling product lines.  Expect everything from serums, cleansers, masks and even shaving cream!  It is a great way to find some new favourites from the Aquasource, Life Plankton, Biosource, Blue Therapy and other Biotherm lines.

Want to know exactly what you are getting?

Click me to see what is included in the Biotherm Advent Calendar!

The Biotherm calendar includes samples ranging from 3ml for eye products to 50ml for the shaving cream.  All samples will be enough to try it out and see if you love it.

  • Shaving foam 50 ml
  • Biosource Mousse Cleanser 20 ml
  • Beurre de lèvres 5 ml
  • Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer 3 ml
  • Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion 10 ml
  • Biomains 20 ml
  • Lait de Gommage 20 ml
  • Lait Corporel 20 ml
  • Lait de Douche 20 ml
  • Skin Oxygen Gel 5 ml
  • Skin Oxygen Serum 5 ml
  • Aquasource Gel 15 ml
  • Aquasource Night SPA 5 ml
  • Blue Therapy Serum-in-oil 10 ml
  • Blue Therapy Cream-in-oil 5 ml
  • Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum 10 ml
  • Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream 5 ml
  • Aquasource Everplump 10 ml
  • Biocils Waterproof 30 ml
  • Skin Best Wonder Mud Mask 5 ml
  • Aquapower 20 ml
  • Biosource Total Renew Oil 30 ml
  • L’Eau 15 ml
  • Biotherm Homme Gel Cleanser 40 ml

Is the Biotherm 2017 Advent Calendar making your list?

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