THEFACESHOP Rich Hand V Hand Mask Review

TheFaceShop Rich Hand Mask Review

No matter how oily my t-zone can get and how much hand cream I use, my hands are always dry.  So I love manicure bombs and hand masks to help add some moisture.  The latest I have tried, and really enjoyed, is THEFACESHOP Special Care Rich Hand Masks.  I picked these up on sale for […]

Winter Footcare Moisturizing Routine

Wainter Footcare Routine - FaceQ Milk Foot Mask - Avon Footworks Clay Mask - BodyShop Hemp Foot Protector

While out feet may spend a lot of time in boots during the harsh Canadian winter, it is still important to keep them moisturized.  A good winter footcare routine will mean less work in spring, better feeling feet and healthier feet too.  Every so often, I do a deep exfoliation too using The Body Shop […]

Advent Calendars For Beauty Lovers 2016

Advent Calendars For Beauty Lovers 2016 Canadian Advent Calendar

Looking for 2017 Beauty Advent Calendars available in Canada?  See them here! Gone are the days when an Advent Calendar meant a waxy piece of fake chocolate.  There are so many alternative Advent Calendars on the market now and this is especially true for beauty themed Advent Calendars.  Have a look at the ones available […]

THEFACESHOP Trendy Nails GLI030 Nail Polish

thefaceshop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI030 bottle swatch 2016

So it turns out that I do not have many polishes beginning with G in my collection for today’s Alphabet Nails post and after trying a few, I found I really don’t like most of the ones I have either.  I have had a lot of luck with Trendy Nails polishes from THEFACESHOP and picked […]

THEFACESHOP Paraffin Nail Packs

thefaceshop paraffin nail pack packaging

I have bought nail packs from THEFACESHOP before, but mostly the milk calcium ones.  While the milk calcium nail packs are meant for dry and rough nails, the paraffin nail packs are meant to strengthen brittle nails. With all of the damage I have done to my nails with recent packing and sorting alongside the […]

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack - Packaging

My nails take a real beating with my addiction to nail polish.  Between swatching, nail art and general painting my nails every day because who wants to wear the same colour?  My nails and cuticles are always desperate for a little TLC and THEFACESHOP’s nail pack provides that much needed blast of moisture.  You can pick […]

Saving My Chapped Lips With BeBe Lip Mask

Winter Weather Saviours bebe Lip Mask TheFaceShop

My lips do not share my t-zone’s love of oil and get dry and chapped easily making my lipstick look terrible so I go through a fair number of lip products trying to save them from being dry and chapped.  While I have lots of scrubs, balms and other products, I received a BeBe Lip […]