My April Empties

April Empties All

I feel like I did not use up much this month, perhaps I should have included the stuff we threw out that was not completely used up yet but it went right in the garbage/recycling as we sorted.  Note to self – do not move again EVER.  We went through everything in the bathroom and if we have not used it in the past month, out it went!  In good news, we have a lot less stuff to move now.  We got rid of our futon which we never use but bought when family came to stay, some of our food stockpile went to the foodbank.  I still have to sort my nail polish, which should be so much fun!  Anyway, on to my April empties, the stuff I actually used up.

April Empties – Haircare

April Empties Haircare

This should probably be named big bottles as there is another haircare product below, but I finished up a bottle of Dessange replenishing shampoo which I love, but am too cheap to buy until more coupons show up.  I have a few more bottles in my stockpile thankfully.  Dessange Oleo Miracle is made with argan, camellia and pracaxi oils to help that overprocessed and damaged hair.

I also used up the bottles of Dove Daily Moisture shampoo and conditioner I received from ChickAdvisor for review.  Both are decent, I have used Dove in the past and not been the biggest fan despite loving their body washes and soaps but this line makes my hair really soft and doesn’t weigh it down.  The Dessange can be a bit much used every wash, so it was a good alternative.

April Empties – Nail Stuff

April Empties Nailcare

With moving, I am trying to get ahead on blog posts so I don’t have to worry about posting during the move.  So I have done a lot of different nail posts and used a lot of nail polish remover.

The regular Quo nail polish remover from Shoppers Drug Mart is my go-to and already replaced.  Even better, it scanned at a higher price than advertised, so I got the replacement for free!  The frugalista in me loves that.  The Quo nail polish removers don’t dry out my nails or cuticles too badly, remove polish easily and don’t stink enough to make him leave the room.  I picked up a small bottle of Cutex when this one ran out and it smells really strong and you have to scrub the polish to remove it, so back to Quo.

I also tried the strawberry scented polish remover from the Lovely Me:Ex range at THEFACESHOP.  It works decently, the chemical mixed with strawberry is a little weird but it works well for doing nail stuff when my other half is in the room as remover seems to really get to him.

Not shown in my April Empties are the two packs of cotton pads and qtips that I used with all this nail polish remover.

April Empties – Skincare

April Empties Skincare

I have mentioned my love for The Body Shop’s Seaweed line a few times so I won’t go on about it, but it is the best product for my oily t-zone.  I finished up a tube of the deep cleansing facial wash this month, read my full review here.

I also finished up a tube of Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin which I must have received as a sample somewhere because I don’t remember buying it.  It doesn’t really absorb quickly enough so you end up standing in the shower waiting before towelling off which defeats the purpose.  I also end up using my regular moisturizer after so I wouldn’t buy it.  He ended up keeping it for work as they don’t always have something to dry your hands on at construction sites.

Finally, I tried Garnier’s Ultra Lift Miracle Wake-up Cream from ChickAdvisor.  I liked it and while I have some other facial moisturizers to use up, I would probably buy it again.  I do find that it can be a bit much for my t-zone which benefits from a mattifying moisturizer so it may be more of a winter moisturizer for me.

April Empties – Random Stuff

April Empties Random

Some of my go to products here, so all would be bought again with the exception of the Gorge I’ll Make You look Amazing Daily Spray which I do like, but is hard to find in Canada and other similar products are decent and available locally.

EOS shave cream leaves my legs and underarms feeling great after a shave so is always repurchased.  I found that this one, like my last one got really thick and hard to pump after a while so I think I need to go back to one of the other scents which do not seem to suffer from the same issues.

Jelly Soak by Dr. Scholl’s after a hard day is amazing.  Something about sticking my feet in a bowl of jelly beads and the lavender scent just makes me feel better.  These are also getting really hard to find so I stocked up when I saw them on sale at Rexall.

Blistex Lip Medex is my go to lip balm.  This could have been included in the empties last month but it had a tiny bit left in it and I hadn’t bought a new one, so into the April Empties it goes.

What did you use up this month?

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  1. I used to love the seaweed line too! As I got older my skin got drier so it’s not the right product for me anymore, but the scent and feeling of the products is amazing.

    1. I use it less in winter when my skin gets less oily due to drying but expensive ones don’t work as well for my oily t-zone.

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