Saving My Chapped Lips With BeBe Lip Mask

Winter Weather Saviours bebe Lip Mask TheFaceShop

Winter Weather Saviours bebe Lip Mask TheFaceShop

My lips do not share my t-zone’s love of oil and get dry and chapped easily making my lipstick look terrible so I go through a fair number of lip products trying to save them from being dry and chapped.  While I have lots of scrubs, balms and other products, I received a BeBe Lip Mask in my advent calendar from THEFACESHOP and recently decided to give it a try.

BeBe Lip Masks are part of the Lovely Me:Ex range and so are affordable, just $3 for one application.  While you can buy a tube of lip balm for that price, they give an intense dose of moisture and really help with winter weather so are worth trying if you suffer from chapped lips and are amazing in winter when your lips are typically dry and even wind burnt from our harsh Canadian weather.

bebe Lip Mask Packaging TheFaceShop

I am not really sure what I expected it to be, a thick cream or something I guess.  So I was surprised to feel something hard and oddly shaped inside the packaging for the BeBe lip mask.  Turns out that you get lip shaped masks inside plastic packaging.  The masks are similar in texture to many thicker Korean sheet masks and come with clear plastic on one side and white on the other.

bebe Lip Mask Instructions TheFaceShop

The instructions for Bebe Lip Masks are not exactly clear, in fact it tells you nothing so I went searching on the web.  The instructions say ‘after your skin care ritual, gently place the mask on your lips. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes and then remove it by gently tapping with the fingertips to help the serum penetrate’ but no idea of which way to place them.  Some more searching found that the smooth side goes out with the slightly ridged side to your lips.

I started with my regular lip scrubs to get rid of some of the chapped skin on my lips then applied the lip mask.

bebe Lip Mask TheFaceShop on Lips

They were not as form fitting as I would hope which made wearing them for 20 minutes a bit of a pain. Maybe it is my tiny thin lips as they stick to lips fine but do not form to the skin well.  After the twenty minutes, tap the remaining essence from your BeBe lip mask into your lips and discard the masks.

They left my lips so soft and supple.  The chapped skin, which admittedly, the scrub removed most of, was gone and my lipstick looked amazing.  Results lasted about two weeks, which for me is good as my lips get chapped in days and I was out in the colder windy weather.  I just applied Blistex Lip Medex in the morning and The Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner throughout the day.


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