THEFACESHOP Paraffin Nail Packs

thefaceshop paraffin nail pack packaging

thefaceshop paraffin nail packs packaging

I have bought nail packs from THEFACESHOP before, but mostly the milk calcium ones.  While the milk calcium nail packs are meant for dry and rough nails, the paraffin nail packs are meant to strengthen brittle nails.

With all of the damage I have done to my nails with recent packing and sorting alongside the regular damage I do with constant changes of nail polish and removal, my nails and cuticles are desperate for a little TLC.

thefaceshop paraffin nail packs sleeves

The paraffin nail packs from The Face Shop includes ten little finger sized sleeves soaked in the paraffin nutrition formula to nourish your nails leaving them moisturized and strengthened.  While it appears like it may be a two pack as it says 10ea on the packaging, you only get five sleeves in either side.

I know that soaking your nails for a while is probably the last thing you want to do when you have nail issues, but these milk paraffin nail packs just work, leaving your nails and more importantly, cuticles, looking amazing and soft.  Sit back watch a tv show and by the time it is over, you will see a difference – in your cuticles at least.  I don’t expect miracles from one time use products, I mean what can they really do to fix your nails?  But healthier cuticles means healthier growth which is a good thing,

thefaceshop paraffin nail packs wearing

The paraffin nail pack sleeves are fairly wet and some essence is left in the packaging so I usually apply that to the nail, massaging into the cuticles, before slipping on the sleeves.  You only have to leave them on for 10-20 minutes, but I find they need a little longer to make a difference.  They stay wet for quite a while, but you can’t really touch anything while they are wet – like trying to type a captcha which I attempted once.

At only $2 per pack at The Face Shop, these are well worth the buy, especially before a big event where you want your nails to look their best and they can’t really harm anything (provided you don’t try to open a can or something with wet nails, which is a bad idea in general).

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  1. I need to do my nails and this paraffin treatment would be wonderful.

  2. I wasn’t sure about these before I tried them, bit I LOVE them. I find they make a huge difference on my nails.

  3. I have these and I have been saving them for a special occasion! Awesome to know that they really work!

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