THEFACESHOP Trendy Nails GLI030 Nail Polish

thefaceshop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI030 bottle swatch 2016

thefaceshop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI030 bottle swatch 2016

So it turns out that I do not have many polishes beginning with G in my collection for today’s Alphabet Nails post and after trying a few, I found I really don’t like most of the ones I have either.  I have had a lot of luck with Trendy Nails polishes from THEFACESHOP and picked this one up around Christmas meaning to wait for warmer weather so Trendy Nails GLI030 is brought to you by the letter G.

thefaceshop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI030 bottle swatch stick

I originally tried GLI030 on a swatch stick and it looked great.  The glitter doesn’t disperse great but the same can be said for any glitter polish with chunkier glitter.  It needs a few coats of top coat to smooth out the nail too and those larger pink hex pieces still are slightly bumpy with two coats of topcoat as my nails are quite curved.

thefaceshop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI030 bottle brush

The formula is fairly thin and this makes glitter placement and multiple dry times a bit of a pain.  I found it easier to paint my nails with one coat of white and sponge on GLI030 rather than paint it on.  Sure, you have some sponging cleanup but less than waiting for 3-4 coats of polish to dry and easier to make sure you get some of the blue and yellow glitter on each nail.

thefaceshop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI030 bottle swatch closeupIt took three coats of thicker top coat (Essence the Gel) to smooth the nail out this much when I had chosen a nail where the glitter was fairly covered by the white jelly polish.  So application on this one, however cute the polish may look, is a no for me.

This is the first of the Trendy Nails glitter range that I have not loved, but the others were all in gold or clear base polishes and not jelly like coloured polishes.  Still the final look is cute and great for summer and the polish is very affordable.  Maybe just fish out the glitter and use with a white polish but the smaller glitter is harder to get.  Used without a white base, you can see some streaks even with 3-4 coats of polish.

See you next week with a polish beginning with H


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9 Replies to “THEFACESHOP Trendy Nails GLI030 Nail Polish”

  1. These types of polish are fun, but so hard to get just right.

  2. New to your blog and I love how honest you are. I’m not a fan of crellies either but I love the tip you have about ‘fishing out’ the glitters or sponging.

  3. It’s a shame about the formula, but if this would have been done right it would have been gorgeous! I can definitely see the potential!

    1. Agreed, their other glitters are decent too (especially for the cheap price point) so not sure why this one was such a fail for me. I have tried it three-four times over the last few months but take it off every time

  4. It’s a cute happy shade, but it’s too bad that it needs so many coats and is still so very hungry for top coat…

  5. I love the look – but I’m not one to keep applying top coat to smooth

  6. Too bad you had to fish for glitter! Sometimes I think indies do these polishes much better than mainstreams.

  7. Love the look of the polish but too bad on the formula:(

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