THEFACESHOP Rich Hand V Hand Mask Review

TheFaceShop Rich Hand Mask Review

TheFaceShop Rich Hand Mask Review

No matter how oily my t-zone can get and how much hand cream I use, my hands are always dry.  So I love manicure bombs and hand masks to help add some moisture.  The latest I have tried, and really enjoyed, is THEFACESHOP Special Care Rich Hand Masks.  I picked these up on sale for $2.50 and they go on sale often.  Sadly, THEFACESHOP closed down the store near me but they often have lower shipping thresholds if you want to make a smaller order.

TheFaceShop Rich Hand Mask V Review - Packaging

THEFACESHOP Special Care Rich Hand Masks are made with grapefruit fruit extract, urea and sunflower seed oil to deliver deep moisture.  Each pack includes a pair of gloves with a lining drenched in rich serum.  The scent is light, like a lotion without any major scent profiles.   It does have a number of chemical ingredients.  None that caused any issues for me.  But definitely something to be aware of.  Some help your skin absorb the nourishing ingredients, but it is far from a “green” product.

TheFaceShop Rich Hand Mask V Ingredients and Reviews

To use THEFACESHOP Special Care Rich Hand Masks, you simply wash your hands.  Then separate the gloves at the perforated gloves and slip your hands into them ensuring your hands are between the lining.  You wear the gloves for 15-20 minutes.  These hand masks do not have tabs to hold them at the wrist but do not have enough essence that it drips out.  As with other gloves, I like to put my hands under a heating pad to keep them warm when wearing a hand mask.  It helps absorb the serum but it not necessary.

THEFACESHOP Special Care Rich Hand V Hand Masks Review

TheFaceShop Rich Hand Mask V Review

My skin has been suffering lately.  My hands are really dry and my nails are traitors and keep breaking.  I used these after cuticle remover which often makes my fingers rough.  It left my hands feeling great, even the next day after no additional lotion except my usual night hand cream.  At $2.50 on sale, they are a great price, work well and I will definitely buy them again.

Unlike the KISS Hand & Nail Mask gloves I tried recently, these are not touchscreen friendly.  You can kind of use a phone but it is not as easy and I found myself hitting wrong buttons.  Not a huge deal to not use anything touchscreen for 20 minutes, especially as I do use a heating pad with them but if you like to multitask, the KISS ones may be a better option.

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  1. Very neat idea . Would love to try them , I’ve never seen them before . I do landscaping and my hands get pretty beat up .

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