June Favourites

June Favourites Avon ProFX Almay Quo

June Favourites Avon ProFX Almay Quo

I skipped empties last month since we dumped a lot of close to empty stuff ahead of the move and while I have some to share, thought I would talk about some of my favourites this month first.  A few of these are press samples (marked *), but ones I truly loved and will buy again.  There is quite a bit of nail stuff this month, which is unusual for me as with a fairly large collection, it takes a special product to grab my attention.  Some of these you have seen mentioned, so probably no surprising that they are in my June Favourites.

June Favourites – Skincare & Makeup

june favourites Almay Avon Quo MUFE

I already mentioned that I love Avon Anew Clean Daily Refining Scrub* so it is no surprise that it ended up in my June Favourites.  It is gentle enough for daily use, which I need with sunscreen and sweat in summer and just seems to be working for my skin.

Almay’s Smart Shade CC Luminous Primer was a surprise love for me.  I ran out of primer before unpacking the rest of my makeup and this was in an unpacked box of stuff to try after I picked it up when Shoppers Drug Mart cleared out all Almay products.  I can’t use it alone as a primer, I need the smoother silicone base but it does an amazing job of evening out my skintone,

Make Up For Ever Lip Perfector in Clear was an item I won in a twitter party last year but was using up my other ones.  MUFE’s seems to glide on really smooth compared to the Rimmel one I had been using up and does stop lipstick from bleeding.  I don’t find transparent lipliners to be as great as coloured pencil ones, but with so many shades for summer, who has all those lip liners?

Quo’s Lip Oil* was something I thought was a bit gimmicky when I received it as a balm would last longer on your lips.  But this sweet smelling lip oil gives a blast of hydration and made it into my nighttime regime.

Essence Mountain’s Calling Translucent Powder was another surprise in my June Favourites.  Another one that I plucked out of the to try box when I grabbed the Almay primer, this has helped with shine and is not as bulky as my loose powder for setting under my eyes.

Finally, THEFACESHOP has two items that made it into my June Favourites.  Cherry Blossom Hand Cream and Blackhead Out Charcoal Pore Strips.  The Cherry Blossom was a fave from my Advent calendar last year but since they had a sale, I picked up more.  There is something satisfying about pore strips in general and these charcoal ones work really well.

June Favourites – Nail Products

june favourites CND RescueRxx ProFX Quo Ory Paparazzi

I have a bunch of nailart supplies I bought over the past month that I love, but will keep them for individual posts as they need more explaining than little blurbs here.  So these are some of my mainstream faves for June.

Paparazzi from the Quo by Orly Color Amp’drange is one I already mentioned I loved so probably no surprise that it is in my June Favourites.  This light purple holo polish is just beautiful for a drug store brand and has become my go to summer colour.

After breaking my nails several times, CND Rescue RXx* has been a lifesaver.  Usually I would not believe that something could make a difference in as little as a week but my nails do truly feel stronger after using it.  It is an oil based product you apply to the entire nail including cuticle and free edge to help strengthen nails and stop them peeling.

Pro-FX Sticky Basecoat and Supreme Gel Topcoat were recommended to me when I mentioned that Quo no longer makes my favourite sticky base coat and I was down to my last bottle I bought when they cleared them out.  At under $5 for the pair, I will admit that I did not have high expectations and certainly did not think they would end up in my June Favourites,My  but they are surprisingly good for the price.  They are really big bottles and the gel finish top coat is amazing for topcoat hungry glitter polishes as it is fairly thick.


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