THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack - Packaging

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack - Packaging

My nails take a real beating with my addiction to nail polish.  Between swatching, nail art and general painting my nails every day because who wants to wear the same colour?  My nails and cuticles are always desperate for a little TLC and THEFACESHOP’s nail pack provides that much needed blast of moisture.  You can pick up a Milk Calcium nail pack for dry rough fingernails or Paraffin nail pack for brittle nails.

Now I am fully aware that soaking your nails for a while is probably the last thing you want to do when you have nail issues, but these milk calcium nail packs just work, leaving your nails and more importantly, cuticles, looking amazing and soft.

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack - Essence

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack - Wet Sleeves

The Face Shop’s Milk Calcium Nail Pack’s package is split into two sides, one for each hand so that they are not drying while you apply the other hand.  You get five finger sleeves in each.  Like the Bebe lip mask, the instructions are not really clear which way you are supposed to wear them and I have seen people who like them both ways.  It goes against my brain’s need for logic but I slip my finger in to the sleeve nail up from the way you see them here.  Common sense tells me they should go the other way so the shorter side is where my finger bends and the longer side over my knuckle (and I see many people use them that way too).  I find the side with the padding stays wet for longer though, so I wear them that way around.

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack - On Fingers

Remove your polish, wash your hands in warm water and slip on the sleeves leaving them on for 10-20 minutes.  Once you are done, slip them off and massage the remaining essence into your fingers and nails.  As you can see from the open pack above, they are fairly wet and some essence is left in the packaging so I usually apply that to the nail before slipping on the sleeves.  The milk calcium nail pack essence has a slight floral scent to it, not overpowering and barely noticeable once massaged into the skin.

These somehow left my nails looking amazing.  I get that the moisture will plump up the nail and they are basically dead and little will change the nails until they grow out, but even the change to softening my cuticles looked like a professional manicure.  At only $2 per pack at The Face Shop, these are well worth the buy, especially before a big event where you want your nails to look their best.

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  1. I love using these, but keep forgetting about them! Lol. They make a huge difference with my dry cuticles and the skin around my nails sas well.

  2. […] have bought nail packs from THEFACESHOP before, but mostly the milk calcium ones.  While the milk calcium nail packs are meant for dry and rough nails, the paraffin nail packs are […]

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