DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Colour Changing Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Colour Changing Tea - Perfect Spoon of Loose Tea

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Colour Changing Tea - Pink and Blue Colours

DAVIDsTEA has fans excited with their new colour changing tea, Magic Potion.  This new herbal tea brews to an indigo blue but add a little lemon and watch the colour change to a pinker violet colour.  The colour change is all down to the Butterfly Pea Flower included in the tea.  For those who are sensitive to it, this tea does include a fair amount of stevia.  It is less noticeable once you add lemon juice but if it gives you headaches, you may want to avoid this one.

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Colour Changing Tea - Perfect Spoon of Loose Tea

Magic Potion Ingredients: Currants, apples (apples, sulfites), rosehips, butterfly pea flowers, raspberries, blackberries, stevia extract, natural kiwi, blackberry and bilberry flavouring.

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Colour Changing Tea - Perfect Spoon of Loose Tea with Lemon Gummies

Steeping Instructions for DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion: Best served iced.  Use 1-2 Perfect Spoons (5-6g per PS) for 10oz near boiling (194℉ – 203℉ or 90℃ – 95℃) water.  Steep for 4-7 minutes.  Then pour over ice.

I found 5 minutes to be fine but there was nothing that oversteeped when left longer.  If using it for a double steep, you do need to add some fresh loose to your steeper as there are flavourings and stevia that completely dissolve with the first steep.

DAVIDSTEA Lemon Wedge Gummies with DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Colour Changing tea

These will not change the colour but DAVIDsTEA Lemon Wedge Gummies were great with it!

How To Get DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion to change colour: add lemon juice (not lemonade) to your blue tea.  You need about 1/2 the amount of tea used to change the colour.  So if you used 2 perfect spoons of loose tea, add 1 PS (approx one tablespoon if you don’t want to use your pretty spoon for liquids) of lemon juice.  You can squeeze a fresh lemon or use lemon juice from a bottle, just check the ingredients to make sure it is real lemon juice and not lemon flavouring.  Lemon extract, lemonade and other things like that will likely not have the pH needed to change the colour.

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion (Colour Changing Tea) Review

I know many people have mixed feelings on this one.  It is extremely sweet before adding lemon and changes to a blue-raspberry lemonade taste once you add lemon.  The stevia is a turnoff as well although personally, I did not find it as strong as others, but I added extra lemon which takes away from the aftertaste.  It also takes away from some of the blue-raspberry flavour though.

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Colour Changing Tea - Blue State - No Lemon

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion – beautiful blue tea with no lemon added

DAVIDsTEA recommends adding a drizzle of honey to their Magic Potion.  The sweetness is close to overwhelming without lemon so have not tried that.  Maybe it brings out some of the flavours but I rarely sweeten my teas.  I like the tang of lemon added to it, but do not think it is a tea I would drink in the blue state which reminds me of those cheap blue freezies I ate as a kid on hot days.

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Colour Changing Tea - Pink Colour After Adding Lemon

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Colour Changing Tea – Pink/Violet Colour Once Lemon Is Added

Have you tried the new Magic Potion tea from DAVIDsTEA?  What did you think?  Seemingly, it is sticking around for a while and not super limited edition like many of their recent teas.  So hopefully we can enjoy it for a while.

Davidstea Magic Potion - Davids Tea Colour Changing Tea - 2017 Teas

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