DAVIDsTEA Snow Day vs Santa’s Secret

Battle of the Christmas teas!  I see lots of people asking why they have two mint teas.  I mean Christmas and mint just go together but Snow Day and Santa’s Secret are actually quite different.  They come out today so I don’t have the new ones to see if they are different to the blend from last year, but here they are!

DavidsTea Snow Day vs Santa Secret - Which Is Best Review

Snow Day is a herbal infusion while Santa’s Secret is a black tea.  That obviously means lower caffeine in Snow Day but the steeping instructions for the two are the same.  Plus Snow Day has chocolate, and mint chocolate is just so Christmassy to me.  I have picked up so many different chocomint teas lately.

DavidsTea Snow Day vs Santa Secret - Which Is Best Review - Loose Teas

Visually, the two are also very different.  DAVIDsTEA Snow Day is an all natural chocolate-mint tisane and all of that green in peppermint mixed with some chocolate chips and sugar snowflakes.  Santa’s Secret is a black tea with a little peppermint sprinkled throughout with tiny candy canes.


DavidsTea Snow Day vs Santa Secret - Which Is Best Review - Snow Day Tea Review

The mintier of the two, Snow Day doesn’t have a tea base but is mostly peppermint.  It is a mix of chocolate and white chocolate pieces with pure peppermint tea.  It is low caffeine so a good choice for later in the day too.

Ingredients: Peppermint leaves, cocoa beans, cocoa husk, chocolate drops, white chocolate pieces and sugar sprinkles.

Snow Day as a latte is Christmas in a cup for me.  I love the minty taste with chocolate.  Making it as a latte just makes it seem more special.  I am not a huge fan of it alone.  I prefer to just mix a chocolate tea with the loose peppermint I buy and Snow Day tends to have a weird scent.  I would think it would smell mintier as loose leaf, but it has a weird musty yet earthy scent to it too.

DAVIDsTEA Santa’s Secret

DavidsTea Snow Day vs Santa Secret - Which Is Best Review - Santas Secret Tea Review

I mean, Candy Canes!  What is not to love?  DAVIDsTEA Santa’s Secret is not as minty as the candy canes and mint would have you think.  It has a black base with just a sprinkling of peppermint and cute mini candy canes.  It is more of a vanilla mint tea and not nearly as minty as Snow Day.

Ingredients: Black tea, peppermint, sprinkles with natural and artificial flavours.

It has a surprisingly creamy taste to it and is sweet enough that you do not have to add anything to it.  I tend not to sweeten teas anyway, but he likes this one as is and he is not a fan of mint teas and puts sugar in most, especially black teas.  Santa’s Secret is good black or as a latte.

If I could only have one, I would choose Snow Day.  I prefer mintier teas and chocolate is an added bonus.  But they are both worth picking up.

The ingredients for both of these have been simplified and do not show the full ingredients in the chocolate and sprinkles.  They do have colours and other ingredients people may avoid, so be sure to check them fully if purchasing.

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