Make Your Own Tea Blend With The6Tea!

Have you ever dreamed of making your own tea blend? Now you can at an affordable price without needing to purchase 1kg or more with The6Tea. They offer pre-made blends too so you can just pick out their teas.  Plus samples starting at $0.99 or a 4-pack for $4.99 including shipping.  If you order by August 15th, they have free shipping on all orders in Ontario too, so your personalized tea will ship free!

Build Your Own Tea with The6Tea Canada - Custom Tea Blends Canada

The6Tea makes it simple to make your own tea blend.  That is, if you are more decisive than me!  You start by choosing what kind of proportion of tea to other ingredients you would like.  Then choose a tea base then add your fruits, flowers or other ingredients.  Pricing starts at $10.99 for 50g and goes up depending on the ingredients, but each one shows you pricing before you add it.

Custom Blended Teas with The6Tea – Choose How Much Tea to Herbal Ingredients You Prefer:

Build Your Own Tea with The6Tea Canada - Tea Proportions

Start your custom blend here and choose how much tea to other ingredients you would like.  The percentages shown are the other ingredients and not the tea base.  So you can choose tea dominant with 70% tea and a few extras, half and half, mostly herbal/fruity with 30% tea or a 100% herbal/fruit tea.

Custom Blended Teas with The6Tea – Choose Your Preferred Tea Base

Build Your Own Tea with The6Tea Canada - Choose a Base Tea

If you did not choose 100% herbal, you will be prompted to choose a tea base.  First choose the type of tea you would like.  They have multiple options in black, green, oolong and more along with some pre-blended teas to start you off with flavour profiles.  Here are just some of the options:

  • Black: Vanilla, Caramel, Strawberry, Chocolate, Blueberry, and of course straight English Breakfast plus more flavoured black teas.
  • Green: Sencha, Mint, Lemon and Blueberry
  • Oolong: Strawberry or Ti Kuan Yin (straight oolong)
  • Pu-erh: Golden or 4-Year (both straight unflavoured teas)
  • White: Peach or Pai Mu Tan (straight)
  • Pre-Blended: Vanilla, Ice Wine, Genmaicha, Vanilla Rooibos, Orange Oolong, Chocolate Mint Rooibos, Almond Rooibos, and many more.

Custom Blended Teas with The6Tea – Choose Fruits, Flowers, Spices and More

Build Your Own Tea with The6Tea Canada - Choose Fruits and Flowers

Then you choose the herbals and fruits you would like to add to your customized tea blend.  They have options in flowers including butterfly pea, the stuff that makes DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion change colour!  Plus fruits, leaves, roots and spices.  Each category has a number of options to really customize your own blend and you can add up to 3 in tea blends.

  • Flowers: Amaranth, Safflower, Mini Rose Buds, Linden. Lavender, Jasmine, Hibiscus, and more
  • Fruits: Papaya, Tangerine Peek, Strawberry, Raspberries, Cocoa Beans Black Currants, Banana, Apple and more
  • Leaves: Mints, Lime Leaves, Honeybush, Lemongrass, Gysnostemma and more
  • Roots: Licorice, Gingko or Ginger
  • Spices: Cinnamon, Coriander Seeds, Cloves or Cardamon

Obviously, these may all change over time but you get the idea.  Each herbal and fruit option shows the price as you mouse over it and has an aroma/flavour level below with 1-5 stars to show you how it impacts your tea.

Custom Blended Teas with The6Tea – Add A Little Extra Touch

Build Your Own Tea with The6Tea Canada - Magic Touch

Finally, you add a little personal touch with a few grams of extras.  It can be the same as your main ingredients or a little extra.  The options are mostly the same as the herbals and fruit options except the pieces may be cut smaller.

I already ordered some samples of The6Tea pre-blended teas to try out so expect reviews of those soon.  In the mean time, I am playing with all of these options trying to make my perfect tea.  What would you include in yours?

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