DAVIDsTEA Spicy Rasam Soup Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA Spicy Rasam Soup Tea Review - To Go Cup

These DAVIDsTEA Soup Tea reviews are so overdue but I had a cold and couldn’t taste much.  Makes it hard to review teas!  I will start with Spicy Rasam as this is one I could definitely smell and taste despite the cold.  It smells delicious from the loose soup tea mix.  Spicy, curry and just what you want to warm you up on a cold day. The small to-go cups come with a sample bag inside so completely sealed and[Read more]


DAVIDsTEA Soup Teas - First Impressions

I will admit to being a little weirded out by these and have not tried them yet.  So expect reviews in the coming week or so.  But DAVIDsTEA launched some new tea-ware and soup teas today.  If you are confused by “soup teas” join the club.  But they are savory teas that include ingredients like tomato and turmeric with a green tea base.  You can brew them as a broth and remove the tea or for a heartier soup tea,[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Chai Collection & Glass Latte Mugs Are Back!

DavidsTea Fall 2017 Chai Collection Teas - White Chocolate Chai - Smores Chai - Pumpkin Chai

I was not that excited by the Chai Collection that hits DAVIDsTEA stores today.  I am fussy about chai as I am not the biggest fan of cinnamon but then I heard latte mugs are making a comeback.  There may have been some actual squealing when I saw the double walled latte mugs online!  While everyone else is oohing over the new raccoon Nordic, I am stocking up on latte mugs!  But there are new teas, so let’s start with[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Harvest Collection Teas

DAVIDsTEA Harvest Collection - Just Beet it - Honeycrisp Apple - Orange Glow - Wild Strawberry - Pear Blossom

Yet another release from DAVIDsTEA.  The Harvest Collection includes five teas plus a load of new mugs, bottles and other accessories.  Plus the long awaited “new essential” that is a bit of a let down as not much different than the old Bodum tea press they had years back.  Seemingly it is leak proof though so great for those on the go.  There are two teas, Blueberry Muffin and Carrot Cupcake that are available as samples in sets so we[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Colour Changing Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Colour Changing Tea - Perfect Spoon of Loose Tea

DAVIDsTEA has fans excited with their new colour changing tea, Magic Potion.  This new herbal tea brews to an indigo blue but add a little lemon and watch the colour change to a pinker violet colour.  The colour change is all down to the Butterfly Pea Flower included in the tea.  For those who are sensitive to it, this tea does include a fair amount of stevia.  It is less noticeable once you add lemon juice but if it gives[Read more]