Adagio Masters Shi Feng Long Jing Review (April 2020 Harvest)

Adagio Masters Shi Feng Long Jing Review 4

Another early harvest tea. I recently tried the April 2020 harvest of the Adagio Masters Shi Feng Long Jing (Dragonwell). Grown at a lung jing farm in Zhejiang, China, this delicate but tasty green tea is picked when the buds are still tender and only 3cm long then fired twice. Our 2020 Shi Feng Long Jing, […]

Adagio Masters Rohini First Flush Review

Adagio Masters Rohihi First Flush Review 4

The first harvest of the year is always a treat to try so I jumped at the chance to try Adagio Masters Rohini First Flush. This darjeeling black tea promised a lively bite and abundance of fresh flavour – and did not disappoint. This is part of the Masters Collection from Adagio which are single […]

Adagio Masters Collection Review

Adagio Masters Tea Review - Anhui Keemun - Fujian Silver Needle - Hsinchu Oriental Beauty

Sometimes, you just want to treat yourself to a cup of something special right? Adagio Masters teas are hand processed limited production batches to bring you the finest and freshest teas that you can get from a fairly large tea company. Can you get finer teas elsewhere, probably but the Adagio Masters are pretty affordable […]

DAVIDsTEA Mood Booster Collection (Fall 2019)

DAVIDsTEA Moodboosters - Healthy Fall Teas For Cold and Flu Season

With cooler weather already here, cold and flu season is just around the corner. Where did this year go? DAVIDsTEA has some exciting collections out for fall but there is one tea I can’t wait to try. It is from the Mood Boosters collection launching on October 14th. The collection includes two new wellness teas […]

DAVIDsTEA Halloween Collection 2019

Now that back to school is over, Halloween planning can begin! My Halloween nail stuff (that I can find, some of it has mysteriously disappeared) is already out for planning October posts. Now I have to add this vampy green mani from DAVIDsTEA’s Halloween collection to my list because it is gorgeous! You know I […]

DAVIDsTEA Chai Collection (Fall 2019)

The weather is cooling down to sweater weather and that means putting the iced teas away and welcoming in some warming ones. Personally, I love fall, the crisp cooler weather and the delicious teas. DAVIDsTEA has a few collections coming out over the next few months. The Wellness Collection is already online to help with […]

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint Review

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint Review 3

The best of both worlds.  A green tea with a light mint taste from real peppermint and none of the bitter mint aftertaste. Pure Leaf incorporates long-leaf, single-origin Indonesian gunpowder green tea coupled with real peppermint leaves to deliver a cool blast of refreshment with a lingering cooling effect. Both peppermint and green tea have a […]

The Best Milk To Use in Electric Milk Frothers

Comparing Milk for Tea Lattes Which Is Best Skim Half Fat Full Fat

I generally use 2% in my lattes as it is what we keep in the fridge.  In steaming milk, the amount of proteins in the milk can make a huge difference in the type of foam you get but what about an electric milk frother?  The temperatures are lower than when steaming milk and it […]