Redeeming Your DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper Rewards

Redeeming DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper Rewards FAQ

With the changing board at DAVIDsTEA we may see changes to their Frequent Steeper program, but in the mean time, it is almost redemption time.  Each quarter, you can redeem your DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper points.  They usually show as rewards around the 4th of the month following the earning quarter and are valid for 60 days.  If you don’t use them, the rewards do expire so be sure to keep an eye on your account. Unlike many programs, DAVIDsTEA Frequent[Read more]

Tim Hortons Tea At Home Tea Reviews

Tim Hortons Grocery Store Teas Review

Tim Hortons recently made their teas available in the grocery stores.  Tim Hortons Tea at Home comes in five varieties and I received four of them through my latest samplesource box.  The only one I have not tried in their Chai.   Orange Pekoe comes in larger 72 bag boxes with unsealed sachets.  They all have strings with labels.  Each variety has different coloured packaging so they are easy to tell apart when you stumble in to the kitchen half awake.[Read more]

Citizen Tea Jiaogulan Tea Review

Citizen Tea Jiaogulan Tea Review

It has been so long since I did a tea review.  Life has been hectic that  bagged Red Rose has become my norm instead of my usual calming ritual of making tea.  So today I am sharing a new to me tea that I received as a sample with my last Citizen Tea order.  Jiaogulan is one of Citizen Tea’s wellness teas and is $12 for 50g.  I should have weighed the ball to see how many cups that would[Read more]

Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Tea Review

Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Review

I am pretty sure that this is a copy of the original Teaopia blend of Creamy Nut Oolong.  If not, Citizen Tea’s is very close.  No surprise there since the Teaopia founder who now owns Citizen Tea got it right the first time.    Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong is nutty tasting, but not DAVIDsTEA Forever Nuts type nutty.  It is more balanced with the sweetness of caramel without being overly sweet and a creamy finish.  It isn’t pink either! [Read more]

Citizen Tea Black Pearls Tea Review

Citizen Tea Black Pearls Review

When I moved to Canada, Teaopia was my go to for tea.  There was one in the mall a short walk from my place.  They were so friendly, had great teas and were really knowledgeable about the teas.   The steepers we all love?  Teaopia had a “Tea Master” even back then.   When it was sold to Teavana they kept the location but you likely know my feelings on Teavana’s sales tactics, so I rarely visited.  So I was delighted to[Read more]