Adagio Masters Collection Review

Adagio Masters Tea Review - Anhui Keemun - Fujian Silver Needle - Hsinchu Oriental Beauty

Sometimes, you just want to treat yourself to a cup of something special right? Adagio Masters teas are hand processed limited production batches to bring you the finest and freshest teas that you can get from a fairly large tea company. Can you get finer teas elsewhere, probably but the Adagio Masters are pretty affordable […]

Review teapigs Minty Fresh Peppermint Tea

TeaPigs Minty Fresh Peppermint Tea Review

Peppermint teas can be fussy.  Some are too dry tasting or too minty to be enjoyable.  Well known for being great for digestive issues or soothing an upset stomach, peppermint teas with real peppermint are always in my stash.  If I do have an upset tummy, making a loose tea is not always top choice […]

Sips By Tea October 2018 Subscription Box Review

Sips by October 2018 Box

Years ago, I loved subscription boxes until I found that more and more, they didn’t send me things based on my profile.  That is where Sips By is different.  This tea subscription service is $15 US a month and includes 4 teas with enough for 15+ total cups.  They have teas from over 100 brands […]

Review: teapigs English Breakfast Tea

Teapigs English Breakfast Tea Review - Adding Milk

One for lazy mornings when even using a steeper is too much work.  I have to admit, as much as I love loose tea, bagged teas are my morning go-to.  Teapigs brings the best of both worlds.  You get an easy to use bagged tea but with good quality loose leaf tea. English Breakfast tea […]

Flying with Tea – Can You Take Tea on a Plane?

Travelling with Tea - Tea on a Flight - Can You Fly With Tea in Luggage Carryon

You are going on vacation and worried about the quality of the tea offerings at your destination?  Want to know if you can fly with your tea stash? I see this question come up quite a lot but the truth is, it depends a lot on where you are flying too and from.  But in general, […]

Citizen Tea Rooibos Chocolate Tea Review

Citizen Tea Rooibos Chocolate Tea Review - Loose Tea

Switching it up from the many DAVIDsTEA releases with a sweet dessert tea from Citizen Tea this week.  Rooibos Chocolate doesn’t make me think banana right away, but this has a fair amount of banana in it.  That being said, the banana and chocolate are quite subtle and it is more of a rooibos tea […]

DAVIDsTEA Seaberry Spa Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA Seaberry Spa Tea Review

Seaberry Spa tea from DAVIDsTEA has actually been out for a while but is being marketed with the latest Thrive Collection teas.  Since I didn’t try it when it was released a few months ago, I picked up a sample to try it out while buying Namastea and Horchacha.  It is a typical spa tea […]

DAVIDsTEA at the Grocery Store?

DAVIDsTEA at the Grocery Stores - Loblaws Partnership 2018

Good news for those who are not lucky enough to live near a DAVIDsTEA store and hate paying for shipping.  DAVIDsTEA stepped into the grocery store marketplace this month!  They have partnered with Loblaws to bring sachet packs to your local grocery store.  They are already hitting shelves of select Loblaws banner stores but more […]