Tealish Delicious Detox Tea Review

Tealish Delicious Detox Tea Reviews - Avon Elephant Mug

Tealish Delicious Detox Tea Reviews - Avon Elephant Mug

I am not the biggest fans of detox labelled teas.  While good for you, I often it is an excuse for them to taste horrible.  This is certainly not the case with Tealish Delicious Detox.  Despite Tealish being fairly local, this was the first of their teas I have tried after receiving it from Avon of all places.

I have to say, Avon have really stepped up their “Avon Living” game from the plasticy kitchen stuff I remember my mum buying when I was a kid.  The elephant mug shown here, which has a matching orange one, is one of my current faves.  Mostly because I get a cookie (well a biscuit, but a cookie biscuit) where you are supposed to put the teabag.

Tealish Delicious Detox Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

Tealish Delicious Detox Tea Reviews

Ingredients in Tealish Delicious Detox Tea: Sencha Green Tea, Lemon Verbena, Ginger, Lemon Myrtle, Apple Bits, Flavouring, Calendula Petals

Steeping Instructions: 1 teaspoon per 8oz water.  Steep for 1-3 minutes in below boiling water.  I steeped mine for 2 minutes at 170F which is the temperature of “hot water” from my Keurig.  Usually works for green teas.  I use a 16oz mug for my morning brew so used a DAVIDsTEA Perfect Spoon which is about 2.5 teaspoons.  That was 4g of tea to give you an idea of how long your bag of Delicious Detox tea will last.

A bag of 35g from Avon is $10 to try it out.  If you love it, they sell 80g tins direct from Tealish for $16 but you need to spend $75 for free shipping.

Tealish Delicious Detox Tea Review

Delicious Detox from Tealish promises to inspire your journey to wellness.  Their focus with this tea was that detoxing shouldn’t have to be a drag.  They made a delicious tea with antioxidant packed green tea, cleansing and refreshing lemon, crisp apple and ginger to give you squeaky clean body balance and inner harmony.

Tealish Delicious Detox Review

Tealish Delicious Detox Tea Review - Avon Elephant Mug - Steeping

At just 4g for 2.5 teaspoons, Tealish Delicious Detox is a light tea which makes it more affordable.  You can get 21 cups (or 10-11 large mugs) from the Avon sampler sized bags, at $10 that is a decent price for a detox tea.  While you get a hint of the green tea, the loose leaf smells mostly of lemon followed by ginger.  As a detox tea, I would like to know what the flavouring is and if it is natural flavouring.

Tealish Delicious Detox Tea Review - Avon Elephant Mug

There is a slight sweetness to Delicious Detox.  Well sweet for the ingredients and detox teas in general.  It isn’t a sweet tea.  The major flavour is lemon.  Not sour in your face lemon, just mingling with the ginger without either being too potent.  I treated myself to a single lump of rock sugar which makes it taste amazing, but less detoxy.  Tealish did do an awesome job of making a detox tea that you are not forcing down though.  The flavours mix well together while being good for you.

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Since it is loose tea, you will also need an infuser or tea bags that you can fill yourself.  Avon sells a teapot shaped infuser for $7.

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