Bulk Barn Moroccan Mint Tea Review

Bulk Barn Moroccan Mint Tea Review

Bulk Barn Moroccan Mint Tea Review

The final of the three Bulk Barn teas I picked up to try is Moroccan Mint.  A mix of medium bodied green tea and Oregon peppermint for a refreshing and less grassy green tea.  It is the perfect mix between a “real tea” and a mint tea that many find a little too much.

Bulk Barn Moroccan Mint Steeping Instructions and Ingredients

Bulk Barn Moroccan Mint Tea -Brewed with a Spoon of Tea

Moroccan Mint Ingredients: Green tea, peppermint leaves (nothing added in this one, keep it simple)

Steeping Instructions: 1 rounded teaspoon per cup of water, steep at 170°F for 2 minutes

The Bulk Barn instructions for Moroccan Mint suggest freshly boiled water and 3 minutes.  Not surprisingly, the green tea tasted burnt following those.  The added peppermint will steep even at a lower temperature so the usual green tea temperature of 170-180°F works well and full flavours steeped in under 2 minutes.

Bulk Barn Moroccan Mint Tea - Spoon of Tea

Like some of the others I have tried, Bulk Barn’s Moroccan Mint is a bit dusty.  A quick shake in your infuser before adding it to the cup gets rid of this.  The flavour however is great.  The perfect mix of green tea and mint.  Not too pepperminty but enough for mint lovers.  You get a slight cooling of the mouth and there is enough mint to help an upset stomach too.

Bulk Barn Moroccan Mint Tea - Cup with Mint Leaves

Best served with a little sweetener (I used rock sugar while steeping) and some mint leaves, Moroccan Mint can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

At just $3.64 for 100g it is cheaper than most versions of Moroccan Mint, even the cheaper tea bag versions so well worth picking up.  As with all Bulk Barn teas, they keep them in clear bins.  Freshness will vary based on how much tea your local store sells.  I am lucky enough to have two Bulk Barns close by, one has much fresher tea than the other.  So shop around if you can to get the best selection and freshness.

Polishes pictured: Avon Gel Finish Citronized*, Avon Speed Dry Turquoise Pop*, Zoya Chita, Zoya Meg & Zoya Vespa.  Glass mug from President’s Choice.


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