DAVIDsTEA Sour Appletini Tea Review (Cocktail Collection)

DavidsTea Sour Appletini Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Reviews

There is something oh so fun about drinking tea out of a martini glass. I mean, not practical since you drink more tea than alcohol (or at least should) but fun.  DAVIDsTEA Sour Appletini is another herbal/fruit infusion from the Cocktail Collection.  Personally, I would have loved for this to have a green colour, or a white/clear apple type colour rather than the beetroot red but it still tastes amazing.  But I do love a tart green apple taste so this one was right up my alley and the one I wanted to try most.

DAVIDsTEA Sour Appletini Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

DavidsTea Sour Appletini Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Review - Loose Tea

Ingredients: Apple (apple, citric acid), beetroot, blackberry leaves, artificial apple flavouring.

Pretty simple right?  There are big chunks of apple mixed with smaller ones.  It has a licorice scent to it that is not quite blackberry leaves but does not come through in the actual tea.  I am guessing whatever they put in to give it that sour flavouring.

Steeping Instructions: 1-2 perfect spoons of tea and 10oz of near boiling (194℉ – 203℉ 90℃ – 95℃) water.  Steep for 4-7 minutes.  Then add ice to fill cup.  This is best iced, if you want hot, use the same amount of tea but up the water to 16oz.  I had a sip of this hot as a taste test and hated it but it is amazing iced.  So I would not recommend drinking it hot.

Weight per Perfect Spoon: This one is heavy but does not take up as much space as Rosé All Day.  The small tin held 23g compared to 16.5 of Rosé All Day.  A Perfect Spoon ranged from 6 to 7g.  At $7.98 for 50g, you get 7 teas per bag at a cost of around $1.15 per tea.

DAVIDsTEA Sour Appletini Review

DavidsTea Sour Appletini Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Review

I know I have bitched a fair bit about how much apple DAVIDsTEA uses but they got Sour Appletini right.  It has a sour Granny Smith apple taste but also a sweetness like a sour apple candy.  I am told it tastes just like an apple Jolly Rancher but I haven’t compared them.  The sour flavouring is similar to that of sour watermelon but the tea tastes different.  Has that same zip if you like the sour teas but more tang.  Again, I would have loved to see a green colour for this one but I will definitely be buying more.  It will be amazing on a hot summer day.

DavidsTea Cocktail Collection Teas - Rose All Day, Sparkling Sangria, Raspberry Mojito and Sour Appletini 2

DAVIDsTEA Sour Appletini is a limited edition tea.  However, the Cocktail Collection has usually been around for a while and is not super limited like some of the holiday collections.

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