Tealish Lavender Mint Iced Tea Review

Tealish Lavender Mint Iced Tea Loose Tea - Brewed

If you are not aware, Avon Canada recently teamed up with Tealish, a Toronto tea company to bring loose tea to Avon customers.  The latest collection is perfect for summer with teas ideal for making iced tea.  I already reviewed Fairy Dust and Citrus Grove, now for the final of the trio, Tealish Lavender Mint […]

Tealish Citrus Grove Iced Tea Review

Tealish Citrus Grove Iced Tea Loose Tea - Brewed

Tealish have released a set of iced teas available in 35g bags through Avon.  It can be hard to know what will work for a great iced tea, especially if you don’t drink a lot of hot teas so having both ingredients perfect for iced tea and steeping instructions for iced is great.  Tealish Citrus […]

Tealish Good Energy Tea Review

Tealish Good Energy Tea Review

Avon recently started selling a small selection Tealish teas to go with their amazing new teaware including this adorable elephant mug that I use way more than I should.  Since my elephant mugs are blue and orange inside, I got Tealish Good Energy and Delicious Detox to match them.  If you missed it, I already […]

Tealish Delicious Detox Tea Review

Tealish Delicious Detox Tea Reviews - Avon Elephant Mug

I am not the biggest fans of detox labelled teas.  While good for you, I often it is an excuse for them to taste horrible.  This is certainly not the case with Tealish Delicious Detox.  Despite Tealish being fairly local, this was the first of their teas I have tried after receiving it from Avon […]

Wait, Avon Has Tea?

Avon Elephant Mugs, Tea Tins and Tealish tea

I may have squealed a little when I saw the latest Avon Living offerings because there are two pages dedicated to tea!  Avon has always had some cute kitchen stuff but they set the bar high with this release.  I tried out three items: the cutest elephant mugs, tea tins and two of the Tealish […]