Tealish Good Energy Tea Review

Tealish Good Energy Tea Review

Tealish Good Energy Tea Reviews - Avon Elephant Mug

Avon recently started selling a small selection Tealish teas to go with their amazing new teaware including this adorable elephant mug that I use way more than I should.  Since my elephant mugs are blue and orange inside, I got Tealish Good Energy and Delicious Detox to match them.  If you missed it, I already reviewed Delcious Detox here.  Like it, Tealish Good Energy is from their Wellness Collection which has been around for a while.

Tealish is a Toronto based company so nice to see Avon going with a Canadian brand and not one of the bigger grocery store tea companies where quality can take a back seat to cost.

Tealish Good Energy Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

Tealish Good Energy Tea Reviews

Ingredients in Tealish Good Energy Tea: Black tea, green tea, guarana seeds, red currants, yerba mate, manna bits, sunflower blossoms, nettle leaves, vitamin C, flavouring, blackthorn blossoms.

Steeping Instructions: use 1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water.  Since I use a large 16oz mug for most teas, I used a DAVIDsTEA Perfect Spoon which is approximately 2.5tsp.  That weighed 4g and you get 35g in the sampler bags from Avon.

Tealish Good Energy Tea Review
Tealish Good Energy Tea Review - Avon Elephant Mug

Despite black and green teas being the main ingredients, Tealish Good Energy has the distinct taste of Yerba Mate teas.  Combined with the caffeine in the guarana seeds, this packs a potent punch but does not have the bitterness I have found from some energy teas.  It has a slight berry taste with a hint of citrus that I can’t place.  I looked through my tea stash to see what it could be and found that  I have a slimming tea with almost identical ingredients.  The only difference is green mate instead of yerba so I am guessing one of those ingredients has a lemony taste as the slimming tea is lemon scented.

Tealish Good Energy Tea Review

As far as energy, guarana seeds and mate combined add up to more caffeine than coffee in general.  If you are looking for a coffee alternative, Tealish Good Energy is definitely drinkable.  It doesn’t have the bitterness of some energy teas and a mild flavour for those new to teas too.  I played up the citrus flavour and squeezed some fresh lemon into mine and it was delicious.



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