Introducing Tea Taxi’s Tea Generation Subscription

Tea Taxi Tea Generation Envelope tea Subscription Canada

Tea Taxi Tea Generation Envelope tea Subscription Canada

There is a new tea subscription in town and I think you will love this one.  It may not be the cheapest around but instead of getting just 3-4 teas you may not love and having a bag full, you get ten samples of curated teas from Tea Taxi to try out each month.  If you fall in love, you can buy them direct from Tea Taxi without having to hunt them down.  I will be sharing the first Tea Taxi Tea Generation Envelope over the coming weeks, but thought I would share some details of the subscription with you fist.  That way the reviews can be all about the actual teas!

Tea Taxi Tea Generation Envelope Subscription Canada TeaTaxi

Each month, Tea Taxi’s Tea Generation subscribers will get an envelope around the first of the month with ten 5g samples of teas and infusions.  Everyone gets the same ten teas so they are not based on your taste profile but with ten teas, you are sure to find something you love.  Each month has a theme so you may get more black teas one month, more chocolate teas another.  You can post with #iamteageneration on social media (or watch it if you are not sure if you want to sign up just yet and want to see what people receive) to connect with other Tea Generation subscribers.

Tea Taxi Tea Generation Envelope Subscription Canada TeaTaxi Pricing

The longer you subscribe, the cheaper Tea Taxi’s Tea Generation subscription will become, ranging from $7.45 per month when you prepay for a year to $12.45 a month at three months.  Sadly, they do not offer a monthly subscription with a chance to cancel so watch for #iamteageneration posts to see if you love it before subscribing.

Tea Taxi Tea Generation Envelope Subscription Canada


Tea Taxi also offer some of these 5g packs as samples on their website, but each month you will receive at least one that is not yet available so you can taste it before the rest of Canada plus shipping is free and the subscription works out to less than the $1.50 sample packs even if you spent $50 to get free shipping.

You can sign up for a Tea Taxi Tea Generation subscription here.  The first month is already shipping so you will have to wait until next month to get your hands on some delicious Tea Taxi teas.  In the mean time, you can always order some direct from Tea Taxi.

Disclosure Press Samples

Disclosure: I have received a press sample of the September Tea Taxi Tea Generation Envelope to share once everyone has received theirs.  All opinions are my own as always and this post was not sponsored.  Check back over the coming weeks to see what teas were in the first Tea Generation Envelope.

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