Polish from a Picture: Izzy by Paint It Pretty Polish

Polish from a Picture - Izzy by Paint It Pretty - Custom Holo Thermal Polish In Memory of Izzy

Polish from a Picture - Izzy by Paint It Pretty - Custom Holo Thermal Polish In Memory of Izzy

As some of you will know, we recently lost our sweet female cat, Izzy just a week or so before her fourth birthday.  She had been sick for a while and improving when we found her collapsed one morning and said goodbye later the same day.  I asked around about getting a custom polish in memory of her and several makers said they would make one for me.  So I will be featuring them as I get them over the year.  A special shout out to My Lacquer Cabinet.  I knew getting custom polishes was possible, but without your series, would not know you could just send a photo and let the maker do the work!

If you are not aware, customs can take a while. Especially if they include colours that the maker have not used regularly or tested with that particular base.  Paint It Pretty Polish had some tested ingredients that she thought would work for my picture on hand so is the first of the customs I will be sharing.  The middle picture of Izzy is the same one that each of the makers will work from so will be interesting to see how the different polishes look in the coming months.

Izzy by Paint It Pretty – Custom Thermal Polish

Paint It Pretty Izzy Custom Thermal Polish Swatch

Paint It Pretty Polish made a thermal polish that goes from gold when warm to bronze when cool and has scattered holo throughout.  Anyone who has lived with a calico will know they run hot and cold.  Sweet one minute and hellcat the next.  So a thermal polish was perfect.

With two coats, it applied evenly and dried quickly.  The dull finish needs top coat to give a shine and show the holo but I always wear top coat anyway so.  I sometimes find indie polishes to be too thick but this was not the case with either the custom Izzy polish or one of her regular polishes I tried.  Expect swatches of Enchanted soon!

Paint It Pretty Izzy Custom Thermal Polish Holo Swatch

You can see the holo in this close up, makes the bronze so much prettier in real life than it seems in my swatches.  Of course, as soon as I get it, the lovely sunny warm weather goes away!  I can’t wait to try it again once my nails grow a little to get the full thermal effect.

Paint It Pretty Izzy Custom Thermal Polish Swatch Sticks

This is how dark it can get if really cold and how golden when hot.  Personally, I don’t get it this hot or cold naturally on my nails but soooo pretty.  It can get a little darker than shown in the hand swatch above but only when I was out on a cold day without gloves.  How sad is it that it is May and you still get days close to 0C?

If you love the colour, Paint it Pretty does have permission to resell it so just let her know you are interested.

Paint It Pretty Bottle and Brush Info

Paint It Pretty Izzy Custom Thermal Polish Bottle Name

My custom polish even came with a customized label.  So much nicer than many polishes that just come with a handwritten white label.  They are 15ml and her regular polishes are only $10 Canadian.  She uses cruelty free ingredients and all polishes are 5-free.  They contain no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene or camphor.

Paint It Pretty Izzy Custom Thermal Polish Bottle Brush Size

Bottles from Paint It Pretty come with a nice sized flat brush and two mixing balls.  I really like the brush on these.  They are wide enough for a nice stroke yet still giving enough control too.  Brushes are one of the prime reasons I won’t order from a new indie.  I am fussy about brushes and the perfect formula with a meh brush…

They do come from a pet friendly home.  Shipping was through Canada Post with tracking and well packaged in bubble wrap.  Paint It Pretty Polish is fairly close to me so I received my polish the next day – and it even had some candy.  Candy is great for when he sees my polish mail before I get home.  “Oh but there is something in here for you too” works so often!

I love my first Izzy polish and can’t wait to see what the other makers come up with for my Polish from a Picture – Izzy series.

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2 Replies to “Polish from a Picture: Izzy by Paint It Pretty Polish”

  1. Sorry about your cat Izzy. So young.
    This nail polish in her name is so beautiful! It’s a beautiful polish in its own right but having it with her name makes it that much more beautiful.
    Looking forward to seeing other Izzy polishes.

  2. This is such a sweet tribute! And four years old! Izzy was just a baby! I’m totally heartbroken for you. 🙁

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