Born Pretty Store BP-L060 Stamping Plate Swatches

Born Pretty BP-L060 Swatches PopSticks All

Born Pretty BP-L060 Swatches PopSticks All

Born Pretty Store has put out a pile of new plates recently but BP-L060 was definitely one that caught my eye.  All of the designs are simple and wearable compared to some of the more complex plates I have picked up recently.  They do require either a steady hand and good coordination or a clear jelly stamper for some as you will want to get the lines straight but they look amazing on.

Born Pretty BP-L060 Swatches with plate - insta

The BP-L060 plate from the Born Pretty Store has 14 full nail size images.  It was the dot and belt image that caught my eye on this plate but after using it, I love the centre image at the bottom too.  The images are all 2.5cm tall and 1.5cm wide so will fit most nails.  They were etched well but like most patterns with fine lines, some were fussy with a clear jelly stamper and I alternated between two stampers to get the best transfer.

Top Row Swatches of Born Pretty Store BP-L060 Stamping Plate

Born Pretty BP-L060 Swatches Top Row

The top row of images has the finer lines.  Some of the patterns also require them to be straight to look good so you may want to start with the bottom row if you are not an experienced stamper.  Many of the patterns have areas you could reverse stamp to up the look too.  I did straight stamping for these swatches.  But expect to see some of these crop up again as I love this plate.

Bottom Row Swatches of Born Pretty Store BP-L060 Stamping Plate

Born Pretty BP-L060 Swatches Bottom Row

Many of the bottom row are easier to use.  The first one is more interesting as a swatch than I thought it would be.  The belt one is just crying to be coloured in and a great choice if you are attempting reverse stamping for the first time as it is so simple but will look great  The middle image is definitely my favourite.  I have been wearing it for a few days and received so many compliments.  The one on the bright blue swatch stick would look great with some little gems over the areas where the shapes meet too!

Born Pretty BP-L060 Swatches of Full Plate

Here are close ups of all of the swatches of the images on the Born Pretty Store BP-L060 stamping plate.  My more rounded stamper picked up better but I got a little distortion when transferring the image.  Always an issue with fine lines and my clear jelly stampers.  It is much less noticeable to the naked eye though.

Favourite Images from Born Pretty Store BP-L060 Stamping Plate

Born Pretty BP-L060 Swatches Faves

These are my six favourites from the BP-L060 stamping plate.

  • The gem one screams to be coloured in.  I stamped it over a glitter polish but I think it would love great over cream with the images coloured in with a glitter polish
  • The geometric one pics up really well and doesn’t require a perfect placement.  You could colour in the shapes for a more complex look too.
  • The wave image will be featured in so many nautical looks to come, but makes an accent nail look so pretty while being simple.
  • I have already mentioned how much I love the look of the next one.  So simple yet looks great on the nail.  The various directions also mean you don’t need perfect placement on this one and it picks up really well.
  • The circular design does need to be placed with a clear jelly stamper and looks better on the nail than on this swatch
  • The belted image was my favourite when I chose this plate.  Colour in the belt for a perfect look to it.

My BP-L060 Manicure

Born Pretty BP-L060 Swatches over Paint It Pretty Polish Izzy

Shown here with two images from the Born Pretty Store BP-L060 plate over my custom polish, Paint It Pretty Izzy, a gold to dark bronze thermal polish with scattered holo.  I have had this one for 5 days and so many people have commented on it.

You can buy BP-L060 stamping plate direct from the Born Pretty Store here.  It is usually on sale for 2.99 and as always, use my coupon code HNEX31 to save when shopping.  While they did seem to have major shipping issues over the past few months, my last order came in under 3 weeks.  So they seem to have sorted out whatever the issue was before Christmas.

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