Jiffy Cat Grass Kit Review

Jiffy Cat Grass Review

Every so often, I like to share the things my cats love as well as the things I love.  Since it is Caturday, I have a review of Jiffy Cat Grass.  I recently found these at Giant Tiger for around $2 which is cheaper than I buy cat grass at the Farmer’s Market so worth a try and the tray looked to be fairly big.  Plus growing it at home, you know that no pesticides etc have been added – as long as the seeds and soil are pesticide free to start with?

Jiffy Cat Grass Review - Whats In the Box

Jiffy Cat Grass Review - Catgrass Seeds Mckenzie

So what is in the box? You get the tray to plant your seeds in, clear lid and a pack of McKenzie seeds.  That brown puck is actually Quick Soil Mix.  You gradually add 1.75 cups of warm water and it expands to fill the tray with normal soil.  You do need to fluff it up a little to level it out and aerate the soil before adding your seeds.  It says to push the seeds down 5mm but instead I took a little of the soil out, added the seeds and then the extra soil back in.

Jiffy Cat Grass Review - Growing with Lid Day 5

Then you put the clear lid on the tray and put it in a warm spot out of direct sunlight.  Leave it for a few days until the seeds are sprouting.  They started showing through after about 4-5 days for me and did not require any rewatering in that time.

Jiffy Cat Grass Review - Day 5

After 4-5 days the seeds were sprouting

Once they are sprouting, it is time to move them into a warm sunny spot and remove the lid.  Sadly for me, this was during the rainy week so I kept it inside for a few more days on and off as the soil was soaking wet.

Jiffy Cat Grass Review - Day 6

After taking the lid off and putting it outside, it started to grow really quickly.  This is just 36 hours after the other image and the amount of grass and height is very different.  You can see the soil is very wet here so hopefully my next kit grows better with the nicer weather coming up.

Jiffy Cat Grass Review - Day 8

Jiffy Cat Grass Kit after 8 days

After eight days it was looking fairly full.  Sadly losing some of the green colour but still fairly strong.  I poked some holes into the bottom of the tray to help drain some of the water away from the soil.  That did seem to help with some newspaper under it to soak up the water.  You can see some smaller blades of grass still growing much lower than the full size cat grass.

Jiffy Cat Grass Review - Day 10

After ten days, it was raining again and with much crying from Quincy, I gave in and let him have it.  Cat grass is one of Quincy’s favourite things.  But he is a savage with it.  He tends to pull the grass out by the roots even with the ones we buy.  So with wetter soil and a shorter tray, he made quite the mess with soil from the Jiffy Cat Grass Kit.

Jiffy Cat Grass Kit Review - Quincy Eating Cat Grass

You can see the soil at the end of the piece sticking out of his mouth. Total savage with his cat grass.  The grass had filled in too.

Jiffy Cat Grass Kit Review - Quincy Eating Cat Grass

By the roots… this is why they can’t have nice things.

Jiffy Cat Grass Kit Review - Quincy Eating Cat Grass

or just buying his face in the whole tray.

It is nice that it grew quicker than I expected.  I have another one growing that should be ready by the time he completely wrecks this one.


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3 Replies to “Jiffy Cat Grass Kit Review”

  1. I was surprised too by how quicly it grew when I tried it a few weeks back. But my cats were y
    The complete opposite of yours, they did not care at all! I guess that means I can get more plants without being scared they’ll destroy it…

    1. Quincy has always loved cat grass (and catnip plants). He is actually pretty good with plants he is not supposed to eat unlike Jazzy. He gets bad hairballs so we give him grass regularly to help it up (gross)

  2. I love growing cat grass… which reminds me… I forgot to plant a new batch for Beau!

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