UNT Ready For Takeoff Peel Off Basecoat

UNT peel off base coat with polish peeled off

UNT peel off unt ready for take off unt shipping to canada

I have wanted to try UNT Ready For Takeoff Peelable Basecoat for ages.  Simply Nailogical recommended it as the best peel off basecoat (see her comparison video here) but it is not available in Canada so I held off ordering it while trying various other peel off base coats and glitter bases.  Since my no-buy/low-buy ended when we moved and I didn’t have to worry about where stuff was mailed since packages from abroad can take forever to get to Canada, i ordered it direct from UNT.

UNT Ready For Takeoff Peel Off Basecoat Review

I have tried a number of peel off base coats because I love glitter polishes but hate removing them.  Some seem to pool on my nails and not cover my nails properly or take forever to dry in which case you could just remove the glitter polish in that time.  The best one I have found was piCture pOlish Revolution which is not a peel off basecoat but does allow for easier removal.  Since Simply Nailogical swears by UNT Ready For Takeoff, I thought I would give it a try before giving up on peelable basecoats.

UNT peel off base coat brush

UNT Ready For Takeoff is not a regular peel off base coat.  Unlike the many glue based ones, this applies more like regular base coat.  The liquid spreads easily and has a decent sized brush.  You do need a slightly thicker coat of base coat for it to peel well and it is helped by a thick coat of top coat to allow it to peel off as one piece.

Zoya Thea and UNT Ready For Takeoff Peeloff Basecoat

Since I wanted to really put UNT Ready For Takeoff to the test, I decided to try it with Zoya Thea.  It is one of my favourite Pixie Dust polishes but a real pain to remove and requires scrubbing.  It wore for two days, which is pretty amazing for a peel off basecoat for me as I would get tip-wear with a regular basecoat in that time.  You do need to make sure you wrap the tips well to cut down on it peeling early though.

UNT peel off base coat with polish peeled off & ShopUNT shipping to canada

After 48 hours, I applied some cuticle oil and slid an orange stick under the edges and they popped off in one piece with no damage to the nail.  Unlike some glue ones, it did not seem to dry out my nails and leave them looking in need of some oil.  UNT Ready For Takeoff is $10 US, comparable to many of the ones more easily available like OPI Glitter Off and cheaper than Revolution.  Definitely a winner for me.

UNT Shipping To Canada

Since I mentioned the shipping to Canada in my recent Pueen post, I thought I would do the same for UNT as Simply Nailogical recommends ordering from Live Love Polish who always seems to have it on pre-order when I check.  UNT offers free shipping if you become a member, which is free and they even offered me a free welcome gift!  It does ship from Taiwan so you will be waiting for shipping, but my order took 15 days total (not business days) to arrive from the day of ordering.

Both the UNT Ready For Takeoff and the free nail polish were packaged in boxes followed by a form fitting large bubble mailer then a bag wrapped around that.  Since I only ordered $10, customs was not an issue for me and they didn’t check the package.

I would definitely order direct from ShopUNT again.  No issues at all so I didn’t need to contact customer service but I didn’t see many complaints about them when I researched before ordering.  Since Live Love Polish requires a larger minimum spend for free shipping (which means customs), if you only want the UNT Ready For Takeoff basecoat, you are better off ordering direct.

best peel off basecoat - tips on how to use UNT Ready For Takeoff

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20 Replies to “UNT Ready For Takeoff Peel Off Basecoat”

  1. I’m thinking I need to give this another try. I didn’t not get good result at all when I used it. Perhaps I didn’t wear the polish longer enough or apply cuticle oil? Idk, but I’m thinking it’s worth another try.

    1. I have been applying cuticle oil so often I was worried it would lift, but I removed it after swatching a polish for maybe 45 mins total with a quick dry top coat and it removed fine. You do need to apply a thickish coat of the UNT and let it dry before your colour coats.

  2. It lasted more than a few hours? I might need to try it. I have a few that work okay, but I can really only use them for very short wear times since they always pop off at inconvenient times, and way earlier than I want.

    1. I tried it when I first got it and one nail popped off in the shower the next morning while I was washing my hair and had already shown major wear at the tip – on that finger only though. When I tried it with Thea, I made sure to wrap the tips well with topcoat and it showed less wear than my nails usually would after 2 days. I was really surprised because I have no luck with Glitter Off lasting 24 hours on all nails.

  3. I’m not a fan of peel off base coats. Not even for swatching. But I’m glad this one worked for you!

  4. Wow, looks like a good product! I haven’t tried any peel off base coats (other that plain ol’ glue), but maybe I should.

  5. I’ve been wanting to try this UNT base forever, too. I am always stopped by some high & low reviews out there, someone seems to love it while someone says it’s like any other peel-off base coats so I am always undecided! One more point to UNT lovers from you then 😉

    1. That was partly what put me off too, but I figured that no one said it was worse than their regular glue based one so worth trying

  6. I’ve been using Ellagee peel off base and I love it. This one looks pretty good as well – may have to give it a try.

  7. I actually have never tried a peel-off base coat, for no reason other than that I’ve never bought one. So glad this worked so well for you!

  8. Sounds like an amazing product! I make my own these days, but that only lasts a few hours, lol 😉

  9. I’ve been really happy with this one. I use it for swatching shimmer and cream polishes and have used it with glitters as full manis on occasion. I still get some of my natural nail peeling up when I let a mani dry with it, but that is just my horrible nails.

  10. Oh yay!!! I tried the sally hansen one & hated it. I’m so gonna try this.

    1. The Sally Hansen on pools on my curved nails and didn’t dry well for me. I know people who love it, but I used it a couple of times and gave up

  11. I have good luck in general with peel-offs with heavy glitter polishes, but have yet to find a good one with a regular, super smooth polish. I wonder how well this one would do with something like that?

    1. I am wearing it under the Julep Joanna I posted today, no issues at all

  12. Wonderful review, this definitely makes me want to try the product out! And I love they sent you something extra too, that’s good customer service. 🙂

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