DAVIDsTEA Jasmine Creme Brulee Review (Macaron Collection)

DavidsTea Jasmine Creme Brulee Tea Review 3

DavidsTea Jasmine Creme Brulee Tea Review 3

I know, DAVIDsTEA Jasmine Creme Brulee tea from the Macaron collection is already in the retired section and was limited edition.  Life has been crazy and I really like this one so am sharing it anyway as it may come back at some point.  I have had the notes and pictures for this collection sitting in my files since the day after they were released!  I can’t believe I have not shared them yet.

DavidsTea Jasmine Creme Brulee Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA Jasmine Creme Brulee promises a rich and creamy jasmine green tea with a delicate twist.  I am often not a fan of jasmine teas, I find them a little too floral and perfumey.  After the previous Malt Shop Collection from DAVIDsTEA, I did not have high hopes for the Macaron collection.  So loving Jasmine Creme Brulee was a surprise.  The custardy burnt vanilla taste of the creme brulee part mixes so well with jasmine green tea!

DAVIDsTEA Jasmine Creme Brulee Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

DavidsTea Jasmine Creme Brulee Tea Review Loose 2

Ingredients in DAVIDsTEA Jasmine Creme Brulee: Apple, jasmine tea, rosehip shells, pineapple (pineapple, su gar), sweet blackberry leaves, marigold flowers, natural and artificial flavouring.

Since I like this one, I will forgive the apple.  But please DT stop putting apple in everything!!

Jasmine Creme Brulee Steeping Instructions: 1 Perfect Spoon per 16oz hot (167℉ – 176℉ or 75℃ – 80℃) – not boiling water.

Unlike many green teas, I do steep this one for a while as it brings out the other flavours.  At four minutes with 2 perfect spoons for 8oz hot water, it makes an amazing latte.  Too strong if you taste the tea before adding the warmed milk though!

DavidsTea Jasmine Creme Brulee Tea Review 2

DavidsTea Jasmine Creme Brulee Tea Review Loose

I really do hope they re-release the Macaron collection next year.  I was almost not going to try it since they were releasing so many teas over a short time and the Malt Shop collection had been a let down.  But I am glad I bought Jasmine Creme Brulee as it is a latte favourite for me.

It is great as a straight hot tea too.  A little sweetener really brings out the caramel flavour, almost sweet and cakey tasting as a latte though.  This is the perfect tea to keep around for those who are not huge tea drinkers if you don’t keep coffee stocked at home.


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