DAVIDsTEA Raspberry Meringue Tea Review (Macaron Collection)

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DavidsTea Raspberry Meringue Tea Review

I know, it is sold out in Canada already and with good reason.  After not loving the Malt Shop collection, I almost did not try the Macaron Collection which launched just weeks after it.  Jasmine Creme Brulee, Cantaloupe Ice and Raspberry Meringue were all delicious in comparison so I am glad I tried them.  Even if my review is ridiculously late.  If nothing else, I like the photos and can hope these three teas make a comeback!

DAVIDsTEA Raspberry Meringue Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

DavidsTea Raspberry Meringue Tea Review

Ingredients in DAVIDsTEA Raspberry Meringue tea: White tea, apple, mango (mango, sugar), pineapple (pineapple , sugar), green tea, sugar, sweet blackberry leaves, raspberries, chamomile, natural raspberry, vanilla and caramel flavouring

Raspberry Meringue Steeping Instructions: 1-2 DAVIDsTEA Perfect Spoons per 16oz hot (167℉ – 176℉ 75℃ – 80℃) not boiling water.  Steep for 4-7 minutes.

DavidsTea Raspberry Meringue Tea Review

With white and green tea, it is easy to oversteep this one and I find 3 minutes to be plenty of time to bring out the flavours.  At that point, it has a slight tartness from the raspberries but a sweet undertone too.  Possibly from the mango.  It is delicate but creamy tasting at the same time.

DavidsTea Raspberry Meringue Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA Raspberry Meringue is actually more what I thought their Raspberry Cream Pie would taste like.  I much prefer the taste of Raspberry Meringue to Raspberry Cream Pie.  It is like a lighter version with a hint of creamyness and a nice complexity.

DavidsTea Raspberry Meringue Tea Review

If you have tried white teas and not liked them, Raspberry Meringue is probably a good one to try again.  If you can get your hands on some.  Seriously DAVIDsTEA what is with the super limited edition teas?  Do you not realize we fall in love with them and then are just annoyed we can’t buy them?

Anyway, the creamy mix of flavours in this one is a keeper and I hope the whole Macaron Collection, including Raspberry Meringue make a comeback at some point.


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  1. This sounds yum – too bad it’s sold out! > < I hope they listen to customers and make some stuff permanent.

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