teapigs Lemon & Ginger (Lazy Days) Tea Review

TeaPigs Lemon Ginger Tea Review - Lazy Days Review

TeaPigs Lemon Ginger Tea Review - Lazy Days Review

A naturally caffeine free blend of ginger, lemongrass, lemon peel & licorice root, teapigs Lemon & Ginger (Lazy Days) tea can be served hot or iced and is great for a cold or just relaxing with a cuppa.  Unlike many ginger and lemon teas, the teapigs blend is fairly mild.  Enough of a kick that you feel the bite of the ginger but not super ginger or lemon in taste.

“It may be chilly and grey outside but this all natural gingery lemony brew will sweep you away to a British summers day – homemade lemonade, traditional ginger beer, croquet and morris dancers (ok perhaps a step too far). There is no match for the ginger kick and refreshing lemon in this infusion.”

TeaPigs Lemon Ginger Tea Review - Lazy Days Reviews

I got a box of teapigs Lemon & Ginger (Lay Days) tea along with two others at the ChickAdvisor Showcase. The brand started in the UK and expanded to Canada more recently so while not hard to find here, it is not popular (yet).  Their teas cost around $9 for 15 bags which is on par for good quality loose leaf bagged teas.  The DAVIDsTEA sachet packs sell at a similar price. It comes in green packaging.  The tea temples are made from cornstarch and biodegradable. The packaging is recyclable and comes from sustainable forestry.

teapigs Lemon Ginger Tea Review (Lazy Days Blend)

TeaPigs Lemon Ginger Tea Reviews - Lazy Days Review

The tea itself is not the kind you usually get in tea bags.  Loose leaf quality but with the convenience of sachets is great if you are using these for a cold.  The extra work of steeping when I am sick often has me turning to tea bags.  Given the ingredients and obvious ginger in the teapigs temples, I expected this to have a stronger flavour.  Not a huge deal as I don’t love ginger so it made it more appealing to me but a tasting note.

I enjoyed them, but not as much as the Peppermint or English Breakfast teas from teapigs so while I will happily sip on the box I have, not sure if I would repurchase.  I tend to buy straight lemon teas rather than ginger and lemon.  Just a personal preference with flavours as they tasted great for a ginger tea.

TeaPigs Lemon Ginger Tea Review TeaPigs Lazy Days Review

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