DAVIDsTEA Cantaloupe Ice Tea Review (Macaron Collection)

DavidsTea Cantaloupe Ice Tea (Macaron Collection) Review - Header

DavidsTea Cantaloupe Ice Tea (Macaron Collection) Review - Header

The final of the Macaron Collection is Cantaloupe Ice released in March 2017.  A fruit infusion that surprisingly has carrot as a main ingredient.  DAVIDsTEA Cantaloupe Ice promises a sweet, crisp tea is delightfully refreshing.  It is a cross between Honey I Dew and Melon Drop to me.  Given the name, it is obviously great cold, but decent as a hot tea too.  Although cold steeping does lessen the weird carrot taste.  A little weird having an iced tea released that early in the year, but works for those who prefer iced – or live in the north!

DAVIDsTEA Cantaloupe Ice Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

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Ingredients in DAVIDsTEA Cantaloupe Ice: Apple, melon (melon, sucrose, citric acid), carrot, roasted chicory root, apple pomace (apple pomace, citric acid), sweet blackberry leaves, beetroot, passion fruit granules (glucose syrup, passion fruit juice, apricot pulp, modified starch, sodium algina

There may be other ingredients, I didn’t rebuy this one and didn’t keep the bag.  DAVIDsTEA is terrible for cutting off the ingredients on their website, so you may want to double check if you have any sensitivities.

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Steeping Instructions for DAVIDsTEA Cantaloupe Ice: 1-2 perfect spoons per 16oz near boiling (194℉ – 203℉ or 90℃ – 95℃) water.  Steep for 4-7 minutes.

Would someone please take their supply of apple away?  Actually the newest teas are not filled with apples but the overuse is a killer.  This one was sweet enough that they did not add stevia like some of the Malt Shop teas too.  This does well steeped on the shorter end of the timing, too much and you taste the carrot which is not exactly pleasant.  It is much better when cold steeped overnight than hot steeped.

DAVIDsTEA Cantaloupe Ice Review

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The melon scent in the bag is pretty overwhelming but does not translate to the cup.  It is still melon-y but just not the in your face melon taste you would expect given the scent of the loose tea.  It also has quite a natural taste given the fruit granules, sucrose and other random ingredients that could have made this fairly candy tasting.

As mentioned earlier, it tastes like a cross between Melon Drop and Honey I Dew.  Surprisingly, it has melon but does not specify that it contains any cantaloupe either?  The beetroot gives it a lovely red colour and while there is definitely a melon-cantaloupe taste, it has a little tang to it too.  So some sweetener helps.  I used rock sugar when hot steeping and agave when cold.

Out of the Macaron Collection, Cantaloupe Ice was my least favourite.  Still very drinkable, but not one I would buy again… if it had not sold out completely in less than six weeks anyway.

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