DAVIDsTEA Mint Chip Sundae Tea Review (Malt Shop Collection)

DavidsTea Mint Chip Sundae Tea Review Header

DavidsTea Mint Chip Sundae Tea Review Header

I do love a chocolate tea so I had high hopes for DAVIDsTEA Mint Chip Sundae when I heard about the Malt Shop Collection.  It is described as a sweet frosty green tea combining peppermint, cocoa and creamy white chocolate.  I have seen others compare it to Snow Day but personally I don’t think it tastes nor looks like it.  If I had to choose one, I milder version of White Chocolate Frost with a slight green tea edge.

DAVIDsTEA Mint Chip Sundae Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

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Ingredients: Cocoa nibs, green tea, peppermint, white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, whey powder, lactose, soy lecithin, natural vanilla), cocoa powder, stevia extract, natural flavouring.

Allergy Alerts: Milk and soy – also contains stevia if you have a sensitivity

Steeping Instructions: 1 perfect spoon per 16oz hot (167℉ – 176℉ or 75℃ – 80℃) water for 3-5 minutes

Unlike the other green tea in the collection, this one has plenty of flavour in 2-3 minutes and any longer, the green tea starts getting bitter.  The chocolate is shavings so melt fairly quickly.  If you didn’t read my review of Strawberry Shake, the water from Keurig 2.0 machines when poured into a cold cup is around 170℉.  That makes it perfect for green tea if you don’t have a variable temperature kettle.

DAVIDsTEA Mint Chip Sundae Review

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Despite my issues with Stevia Extract in Vanilla Swirl and the green tea in Strawberry Shake, I thankfully enjoyed Mint Chip Sundae.  The Stevia Extract is not as noticeable and just gives it a sweetness without the aftertaste.  The mint is strong enough to drown out the green tea while the chocolate gives it that creaminess expected from the Malt Shop collection.

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Brewed, DAVIDsTEA Mint Chip Sundae tea is a bit darker than the regular green teas I drink and does have some crumblies.  Probably a good idea to give the infuser a good shake to get rid of them before steeping.  FYI if you nibble on the chocolate swirly pieces, they are minty white chocolate.  Anyway, I miss White Chocolate Frost and this is as close as any of their mint teas have come to it so I am enjoying this one,

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White and mint mug from President’s Choice, cupcake from Dufflet bakery.

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