Latest Favourite Cat Treats From Delectables, Pure Snacks & Friskies

Caturday - Fave Cat Treats

Caturday - Fave Cat Treats

It has been a while since I talked our favourite cat stuff but after finding a new treat that they all loved, I wanted to share!   A decent priced, decent quality treat they will all eat is hard to find.  Izzy was ill for a while and off her food so we bought a pile of stuff to entice her to eat.  I have mentioned her love of Pure Snacks before so she has basically been eating freeze dried chicken as a meal several times a day.

Pure Snacks Cat Treats

Caturday - PureSnacks Chicken for Cats - Izzy Outtake

Caturday - PureSnacks Chicken for Cats

Simple and to the point, Pure Snacks are 100% chicken.  Freeze dried and cut into pieces I am get to find a pet that doesn’t love them.  They are my go-to for pet adoption/pet birthday gifts (yes, I have friends who are crazier about their pets than me and hold cat/dog birthday parties).  Since they are just chicken, they work for cats and dogs.  For cat owners, the dog sized bags are cheaper by weight so grab them and just break up the pieces.  Or if you have a cat like Jazz, give them a large dog sized piece to chew on so the others can eat in peace!

Delectables Squeeze Up Cat Treats

Caturday - Delectables Push Ups Review

Ok, these are a little ridiculous but mine LOVE THEM.  It was Delectables Squeeze Ups that got Izzy eating again so we have gone through a few packs over the last couple of weeks.  At almost $3 for just 4 tubes, they are definitely an occasional treat compared to the Pure Snacks they get regularly.

Caturday - Delectables Push Ups - Izzy Eating 4

Like a yogurt tube for cats, these have a thick puree that you can feed by squeezing out into a bowl (Izzy’s preferred method, she is freaked out by the tube and my hand that close to her face).

Caturday - Delectabes Push Ups - Jazz Eating 3

Caturday - Delectables Push Ups - Jazz Eating 4

Or if you want the interaction, squeeze it and let the cat eat out of the tube.  Jazz is too impatient to wait for a plate or bowl and worry that another cat may nose into his treat so he goes with the tube method as does Roo.  The puree is thick enough that the Delectables Squeeze Up doesn’t end up all over your hand – unless Jazz decides to try squeezing it himself because you don’t squeeze fast enough.

Friskies Pull n Play Cat Treats

Caturday - Friskies Pull n Play Treats for Cats

As far as cat treats go, Friskies Pull n Play are hit and miss.  I mentioned them in their Christmas post but the pure joy in Roo’s eyes when he sees the pack of these means I have to mention them.  He is the only one who eats them.  They came with a toy that he usually just rips the stick of cat treat out of and ignores so I just buy refill packs and give him one without it now.

Friskies Pull n Play Chicken Cheese Treat Toy - Cat Eating Treat

I was torn about them at first because he has a tendency to be a string/plastic chewer and it is something we spend a lot of time detering him from and these could have encouraged it but it is a great distraction as they are long and keep him busy for a while.  I can even give him one while I groom him or even cut his claws he gets so excited about them.  The others just sniff them and walk away with no interest though and they get hard quickly so we tend to lose half a pack to the garbage since he doesn’t get one daily.

What treats do your cats love?

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