DAVIDsTEA Grape Freeze Tea

DavidsTea Grape Freeze Review Perfect Spoon

DavidsTea Grape Freeze Review Perfect Spoon

Grape Freeze is one of the newest teas available from DAVIDsTEA and while Cotton Candy has stolen my heart, Grape Freeze makes a nice refreshing iced tea.  Despite being an organic tea, they added Stevia to this green tea, something to be aware of it you are sensitive to sweeteners.  Despite being the more natural of sweeteners, too much Stevia gives me headaches so I was a little disappointed to find that it was listed for this tea.  However, their Hot Chocolate teas is one of my favourites, contains Stevia and I have no issues so I bought a small bag to sample.

DavidsTea Grape Freeze Loose Bag

DAVIDsTEA Grape Freeze Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

Ingredients: Organic: black currant, green tea, garcinia, rosehips, cornflower, stevia extract. With natural grape flavouring.

Steeping instructions: 1-2 perfect spoons per 16 oz hot (not boiling 167℉ – 176℉ or 75℃ – 80℃) water – 10oz for iced tea.  Steep for 3-5 minutes.

I didn’t think that a hot Grape Freeze would taste all that great, since, you know, freeze in the title.  So I have only tried this as an iced tea.

DavidsTea Grape Freeze Loose Macro

DAVIDsTEA Grape Freeze has a fair amount of fruit mixed in with large green tea leaves and pretty cornflowers.  It is a pity that much of the flavour comes from flavouring rather than fruit.  While it does taste like the grape freezie of my childhood, it is a watered down version.  The green tea isn’t overly grassy though which was one of the things I worried about with this, as I didn’t see the flavour matching well.

DavidsTea Grape Freeze Iced Tea

I was a little sad that it wasn’t more purple.  I mean, it is great that it is less likely to stain your teeth or clothes, but grape screams purple to me and this has more of a normal tea colour.  My first bottle of this was great, sweet so no need to add anything but no issues with the Stevia.  The second gave me a headache, not sure if it was the mix of ingredients with more Stevia at the bottom of the bag but I wish they didn’t include it.

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