DAVIDsTEA Irish Breakfast Tea

DAVIDsTEA Irish Breakfast Tea Review

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I was torn between green teas and buying some more Irish Breakfast from DAVIDsTEA.  Any excuse to buy more tea right?  I grew up in Ireland, my grandma has a picture of me drinking black tea with milk in a bottle as a toddler so I will always appreciate a good strong black tea.

DAVIDsTEA Irish Breakfast Tea Review

David’s Tea describes their Irish Breakfast as “Ireland is one of the biggest tea drinking countries around. And trust us, they know their stuff. Traditionally, they go for strong black tea, often simmered on the stove all day long. And this rich, full bodied black tea is no exception. A blend of teas from Assam and Sri Lanka, it brews up nutty, fruity and bold, with hints of wild dark honey – and a robust taste that can stand up to a bit of milk and sugar. If there’s a better way to start the day, we don’t wanna know about it.”

DAVIDsTEA Irish Breakfast Tea Review

While there are some gold tips, the leaves are much smaller than say Nepal Black and there is not as much honey taste from the gold.  That being said, it has that smooth honey taste mingled with a malty, peaty flavour you would expect from an Irish Breakfast tea,  Usually, he would find an Irish Breakfast tea too much, but with some honey and milk, he went back for a second cup too.  While it is not the strongest, and would not live up to my grandma’s “you can stand a spoon up in it” tea, it is a perfect morning tea and great for someone starting out drinking loose after bagged teas.

DAVIDsTEA Irish Breakfast Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA Irish Breakfast Steeping Instructions

  • 1.25tsp per 8oz
  • 4-7 minutes at 96°C / 204°F
  • Serve black, or with a dash of milk and sweetener
  • Contains black teas from Assam, India and Dimbulla, Ceylon

Personally, I found it was astringent enough after 4 minutes and would probably not brew it any longer, particularly for a morning tea when it is easier to make a batch for both of us.  For a hangover tea after your St, Patrick’s Day drinking, maybe go the 7 minutes, if you can stomach the astringency.

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