Jiffy Cat Grass Kit Review

Every so often, I like to share the things my cats love as well as the things I love.  Since it is Caturday, I have a review of Jiffy Cat Grass.  I recently found these at Giant Tiger for around $2 which is cheaper than I buy cat grass at the Farmer’s Market so worth a try and the tray looked to be fairly big.  Plus growing it at home, you know that no pesticides etc have been added –[Read more]

Latest Favourite Cat Treats From Delectables, Pure Snacks & Friskies

Caturday - Fave Cat Treats

It has been a while since I talked our favourite cat stuff but after finding a new treat that they all loved, I wanted to share!   A decent priced, decent quality treat they will all eat is hard to find.  Izzy was ill for a while and off her food so we bought a pile of stuff to entice her to eat.  I have mentioned her love of Pure Snacks before so she has basically been eating freeze dried[Read more]

Avon Cat Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

Avon Holiday Gift Guide For Cat Lovers - Avon Cat Products - Christmas 2016

It is November and that means time to start shopping for Christmas gifts.  I have a number of holiday gift guides coming up soon to help you choose the perfect gift.  Since it is Caturday and ordering from Avon means a little waiting time for your order date and delivery, I thought I would start with some of my picks from their cat products.  While Avon is known for beauty, they have some amazing pet products, especially at this time[Read more]

Help, I Have Fallen In Love With Kitties and Cabernet!

Kitties and Cabernet - Review

You know I can’t resist a good mug and something kitty themed is going to grab my attention in seconds.  So while browsing through the makers for the Craftadian show happening on Hamilton on August 27th, Kitties and Cabernet immediately caught my attention with their “There’s probably fur in this” mug. You know how many swatches of nail polish I have photographed only to find a stray stand of fur stuck to a nail or bottle or sitting on my[Read more]

Our Favourite Cat Toys and Treats

Favourite Cat Toys and Treats: Da Bird, Bamboozler, Sponge Balls, Puffs Yeowww Banana

Since it is International Cat Day, I thought I would mix it up and take a break from beauty to talk about the stuff my cats love.  I used to post more cat stuff but it seems to have become very beauty focused lately so I will try to do more of these non beauty posts again. I have no issues with the fact my cats are more than a little spoiled.  So many cat toys have come into the[Read more]