Smoother Hair with Nexxus City Shield

Nexxus City Shield Haircare Review

Nexxus City Shield Haircare Review

Bad hair days are part of my life.  I can straighten my hair, leave the house with nice sleek hair and two hours later, pass a window and it looks like Medusa took over my head.  I have this frizz thing happening that requires so much product that my hair looks a mess just after washing and styling.  So haircare that helps with frizz without adding too much weight or product is a plus.

I recently tried out Nexxus City Shield, a new hair care line meant to battle not just frizz but protect your hair from environmental damage.  Anyone who lives in the city knows how grimy you can feel after a day downtown compared to out in the ‘burbs or countryside so I had to try it right?

Nexxus City Shield Shampoo

Nexxus City Shield Haircare Review - Shampoo

An almost clear shampoo with decent consistency.  Not so thick it is unworkable and not runny that you lose half of it in the shower.  This salon quality shampoo is made with wheat protein to reawaken and smooth hair that is stressed by urban environments.

  • Contains wheat protein and Indian Lotus Extract
  • Silicone and colourant-free formula with Phyto Protein Complex
  • Anti-humidity shampoo helps protect hair from frizz
  • Designed to make all hair types more manageable

I can’t even tell you how much I love this shampoo.  Ever since I cut my hair last year, frizz has been my life.  I love Nexxus in general and while my usual mix of Therappe/Humectress works well, it is not perfect.  Nexxus City Shield not only smells amazing but it almost feels like you don’t need conditioner!  For my hair type, that is unheard of.  I still used it to add the protection and because that frizz needs some weight added to it but a shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry to begin with deserves five stars!

Nexxus City Shield Conditioner

Nexxus City Shield Haircare Review - Conditioner

Mean to smooth and nourish hair while restoring a protective barrier that helps to shield it from damage caused by the urban environment, this conditioner is softening and easy to rinse.

  • Restores a protective barrier to hair
  • Formulated with Phyto Protein Complex
  • Helps improve hair’s manageability and protect hair from the environment
  • Helps hair enjoy improved movement

Like the shampoo, the Nexxus City Shield conditioner smells amazing.  A friend stayed the night and used it and I could tell as soon as I walked into the bathroom.  She already bought a set after falling in love with the range too so it is not just me.  It leaves hair feeling smooth without adding too much weight or product and my hair was easier to straighten than usual after using the duo.

Nexxus City Shield DD Creme

Nexxus City Shield Haircare Review - DD Cream

The line is great, but you need a little help keeping your style in shape against the humidity and mess downtown.  Nexxus City Shield Damage Defense Hair Crème shields straight and fine hair from city-life damage while also providing soft hold for your style. Hair is left protected and nourished, formulated with lotus extract for a refreshing, manageable style that lasts throughout the day.

  • With wheat protein and Indian Lotus Extract
  • Leave-in crème, with Phyto Protein Complex
  • Nourishing cream for hair leaves your style supple and adaptable
  • Helps fine to medium hair stay smooth throughout the day

This is meant for fine hair.  I have a mix of coarse wavy hair with finer hair mixed in which is what tends to get frizzy.  Especially the parts around my face where there is less weight to the hair.  The DD Creme still worked for all of my hair leaving me with straight hair that behaved all day despite spending some time in a topknot and a walk in the wind!

I have found my new shampoo and conditioner.  I am not sure about the DD Creme, I typically need a little more hold but it is not designed for my hair type so not surprise there.  Very little creme-wise would hold my hair so it lives up to and exceeds how I expected it to last given I usually need mousse and hair spray.

Nexxus City Shield is available at major retailers for around $14.99 for the shampoo or conditioner and $18.99 for the DD Creme.  I have seen it on sale as an introductory offer though and Shoppers Drug Mart had a pile of $3 coupons attached to the display, so try it soon for a great deal!

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17 Replies to “Smoother Hair with Nexxus City Shield”

  1. I just got this shampoo and condition in the mail! I’m so excited to try it after reading your thoughts!!!

    1. Even my boyfriend is using it! Hope you love it as much as we do

  2. This sounds like a great shampoo and conditioner. I like that it is silicone free.

    1. Me too but many silicone free hair lines leave my hair a mess. Sometimes it needs it even though it isn’t good for it. Thankfully this line was amazing for my hair

  3. I might have to check out the conditioner! I’m too in love with my current Shampoo to switch (I’m also paranoid), but the conditioner is meh. I actually like my hair flat and light so do you think the DD creme would possibly work for me?

  4. Definitely adding this line to my to try list!

  5. Finding shampoos and conditioners that work for my frizzy oily-roots, dry ends hair is such a hassle. Glad to see so many people talking about different options!

    Katherine || The Green Bows

  6. Never tried Nexxus but I love trying new shampoos! Got to try it next.

  7. I’ve never tried nexus. I have very coarse thick hair so not sure how it’ll work for me. I tend to skip the comditonaer and just use shampoo. I find many conditioners weigh down my hair. Good post 🙂

    1. I need the weight or my hair is a poofy mess but you really could skip the conditioner with this

  8. I don’t need this type of smoothness for my hair as it’s PRETTY MUCH always straight and blah, so I’m just popping in to say I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS in this. ???

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I am jealous of your straight hair!

  9. Nexxus products make my hair feel AMAZING I’ll definitely have to give these a try. Great blog post!

  10. Sounds like a nice shampoo and conditioner! I love anything that is marketed to help against environmental damage and pollution and all that stuff 😛

    Samantha Series

  11. I’ve been looking for a new shampoo.. might have to look into this lineup.. thanks sweetie

  12. Hmm.. is it me or drugstore hair care is getting more expensive? I still want to check out the DD Creme though.

    1. It is, even the not so great stuff. I saw stuff the other day for $8.99 that was selling an identical one in Dollarama for $3-4

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