Latest Favourite Cat Treats From Delectables, Pure Snacks & Friskies

Caturday - Fave Cat Treats

It has been a while since I talked our favourite cat stuff but after finding a new treat that they all loved, I wanted to share!   A decent priced, decent quality treat they will all eat is hard to find.  Izzy was ill for a while and off her food so we bought a […]

Avon Cat Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

Avon Holiday Gift Guide For Cat Lovers - Avon Cat Products - Christmas 2016

It is November and that means time to start shopping for Christmas gifts.  I have a number of holiday gift guides coming up soon to help you choose the perfect gift.  Since it is Caturday and ordering from Avon means a little waiting time for your order date and delivery, I thought I would start […]

Help, I Have Fallen In Love With Kitties and Cabernet!

Kitties and Cabernet - Review

You know I can’t resist a good mug and something kitty themed is going to grab my attention in seconds.  So while browsing through the makers for the Craftadian show happening on Hamilton on August 27th, Kitties and Cabernet immediately caught my attention with their “There’s probably fur in this” mug. You know how many […]

Introducing Jasmine + Some Jasmine Swatches

Jasmine Jazzy the Kitten First Morning

Things have been crazy lately and I have not posted much over the last few weeks because of summer, work and this little beauty.  On Canada Day long weekend, we said goodbye to our sweet Princess Autumn and agreed on getting no more cats.  Until I got an email about this poor little kitten found […]

PC Green Twice As Absorbent Clumping Cat Litter Review

I love my cats, but I hate (like hate, hate, HATE) cleaning their litter boxes.  The ammonia mixed with clay smell of regular cat litter is just disgusting and they kick it everywhere.  Try walking barefoot to the bathroom over those little stones in the middle of the night! We started to buy World’s Best […]

How to Have a Cat Friendly Christmas

We had a small dog when I was very young, but growing up we never had pets to worry about at Christmas.  When I first moved here and my boyfriend had cats, I thought they were adorable playing with the Christmas tree, pulling decorations off for us to step on and playing with all the […]