Happy First Birthday Izzy

Izzy Birthday

Today’s Wordless Wednesday’s post was an easy choice because Izzy, our youngest cat, turns one tomorrow.  Izzy was a birthday present from my partner last year, on the Friday after my birthday, he took me to the foster home to pick between two litters of three kittens.  He had told them I would likely go for the orange one (I have a weakness for orange cats) but Izzy climbed right into my arms and never left them.

Top: As a kitten with Roo and a more recent one with Quincy (Bear).  Bottom: The night we got her, 12 weeks and 6 months.

Happy Birthday Izzy.

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3 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday Izzy

  1. What a sweetie! As I write this my cat Osha is stretched out in front of the keyboard apparently enjoying the photos of your cats. Happy Birthday Izzy from both me and Osha. 😀

    1. Awww Thanks
      Izzy is currently in a stand off with the cat next door who is out in their garden. If he climbs on the fence again she may go through the window lol

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