All New Cutex – Not Just Nail Polish Remover Anymore!

Cutex - All New Cutex 2017 Products - Cutex Canada

Cutex has been around forever with good quality nail polish remover but did you know that the brand was the first to introduce nail tints, liquid polish and cuticle cream?  They concentrated on remover in recent years but after 100 plus years in business, have launched a new line of products that includes tools, treatments, nail polish colours, removers and an assortment of hand and foot creams.

Cutex - All New Cutex 2017 Products - Cutex Canada

  • Nail Polish Removers: Five liquid formulas from gentle and nourishing to glitter removal and on-the-go pads.
  • Nail Care and Treatments: Various multi-benefit nail care products to combat all major signs of nail wear and improve overall nail appearance. Each is infused with vitamins, oils and nail strengthening ingredients.  The line includes nail treatments, manicure enhancers and cuticle care to restore, condition and protect nails.
  • Care+Color: Yes, nail polish is back! The line includes a collection of 21 on trend, vibrant nail colors that are formulated to condition and protect nails. Each color features a vitamin-enriched strengthener and built-in protective base coat.with patented ingredient Hexanol, to help condition and strengthen nails.
  • Hand and Foot Creams: Each cream is specially formulated to lock in essential moisture to keep skin protected and hydrated. These creams contain a unique blend of glycerin, vitamin E and botanical oils to ensure skin, nails and cuticles are properly conditioned.
  • Hand and Foot Tools: From nail files to cuticle clippers, Cutex tools have distinct features to deliver improved performance and precision.

Cutex - All New Cutex 2017 - Cutex Canada

I found these at my local Rexall in a Cutex branded display by the cosmetics checkout.  They said they don’t have the full range, so you may find more tools and colours.  Prices (on sale) ranged from $2.12 for remover to just under $13 for the tools.

Cutex Nail Polish Remover

Cutex - All New Cutex - Nail Polish Removers - Cutex Canada

It goes without saying that they brought out nail polish removers in their enhanced line of products.  I picked up the mini 100ml bottles of Cutex Ultra Powerful and Nourishing removers.  The full size bottles also come in acetone free, strengthening and moisture rich.

The Ultra Powerful nail polish remover easily removes glitter without the white residue of pure acetone while the Nourishing formula removed normal polish in seconds but you need to scrub for glitter polishes.  They smell great for nail polish remover too, which is a plus.  The Nourishing formula includes a blend of botanical oils to reduce the damage done by removing your polish as often as I do!

Cutex Intense Recovery Nail Treatment

Cutex - All New Cutex - Intense Recovery Nail Treatment - Cutex Canada

After a rather harsh recent manicure and swatching polishes, my nails are suffering so I chose Cutex Intense Recovery from the various Nail Treatments options Rexall had to offer.  It is an oily liquid you apply to the cuticle, nail and free edge.  Similar to CND Rexcue RXx I reviewed a while back.  I have only been using this for a few days but my nails already look better so it will become a staple buy for me and I can’t wait to try some of the others.

All New Cutex Nail Treatments

Cutex - All New Cutex - Intense Recovery Nail Treatment - Cutex Canada

I also noticed strengthening formula, ridge filler, a BB nail concealer than helps even out nail tone for sheer polish and of course, cuticle oil.  Prices ranged from $6.79 to $8.10 on sale so probably $8-9.50 full price.

Cutex All in One 24 Hour Hydration Hand & Cuticle Cream

Cutex - All New Cutex - Hand & Cuticle Cream 24 Hydration - Citrus and Green Tea - Cutex Canada

I am a little addicted to hand creams.  My hands tend to get really dry so I reapply hand cream and cuticle oil liberally throughout the day.  So the first thing I picked up from the new collection had to be Cutex All in One 24 Hour Hydration Hand and Cuticle Cream.  It has a beautiful light citrus and green tea scent and a rich formula.  Did it last 24 hours?  No, but very few do for me and I always reapply after washing my hands anyway.

Cutex Nail Polish

Cutex - All New Cutex 2017 Products - Cutex Canada - Cutex Nail Polish Canada

Yes, Cutex now has nail polish again!  There are 21 shades in total if we get all shades available in the US.  My local Rexall only stocks 12 so I will be on the hunt to see the full collection.  Their unique formula boats a built-in base coat and strengthening ingredients so check back for a review soon.  Polishes were priced at $9.49 full price and around $8 on sale.  Rexall prices tend to be on the higher side, but I haven’t seen this collection anywhere else yet to compare.

Cutex Foot Care and Manicure Tools

Cutex - All New Cutex 2017 - Cutex Canada - Tools and Footcare

Cutex is not just about hands.  Their new collection also includes a range of foot creams for when regular lotion just isn’t enough.  Hidden at the bottom of the Cutex display, I also found some tools including cuticle clippers, nail clippers and files.  Prices on the tools vary and not all were in stock but the most expensive one was $13 on sale.

Have you tried any of these yet?  I would love to know what you think.  Or if you find them anywhere other than Rexall so I can hunt down more to try!

Cutex - More Than Just Nail Polish Remover - Treatments - Hand Cream - New for 2017

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  1. So fancy! I love it! I saw these while shopping. I was immediately drawn to the product, I didn’t even know it was Cutex until I got close. They did a great job with the packaging, and I sooo want to try some of this stuff. 😀

  2. Oh, I saw this at London Drugs. I didn’t pay attention to the prices though. And I didn’t notice any nail polish.

  3. Love the packaging and really want to try the nourishing remover!

  4. Which location did you se these?

    1. I have seen them in all of the Rexalls I have shopped at recently. Usually in a special display near the Cosmetics cash and not with the other polish

  5. Thanks! I grabbed a few, and noticed they also have a quick dry topcoat which is great.

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